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  1. PascalP

    [FS] Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited - Namco System 369

    Bought this not too long ago hoping to get it running in 480p in my NNC, but unfortunately it only runs in HD/720P. Plugs straight into any JVS cab. The game has the 'coin fix' so you will not run out of credit. Asking €550 excl shipping. My estimate is that shipping to EU is €50 and worldwide...
  2. PascalP

    Dipswitches System 369

    Anyone know what the dips on a 369 do? Can I change the output resolution with them?
  3. PascalP

    Price Check: Various Panels for Sega NNC/NAC and Namco Noir - Street Fighter and Tekken style

    Looking to clear out some storage space and have these panels. Any indication on price please? Sega NAC/NNC style licensed Capcom Street Fighter 4 panel, 1L7B with card reader, pretty nice condition, no rust, all Sanwa stick + buttons and loom Sega NAC/NNC style Tekken 6 BR panel, 1L4B, card...
  4. PascalP

    Anyone familiar which Pachislo machines? Repairs?

    Some many moons ago I bought a Gradius The Slot pachislo machine. Put it in storage working and today when I tested it I got an ‘EE’ error. I found some universal manual online that says this is a RAM error and most likely solved by resetting it. But I have no idea how to do this??? Anyone? I...
  5. PascalP

    WTB:DVDO Edge

    As per title, looking for a working DVDO Edge for some testing purposes.
  6. PascalP

    [FS] Sentinel supergun + extra's

    Bought this new on release and still in the same box unused.... I just play my PCB's on my cabs :) What is included; Supergun with arcade PSU harness and plexi base CPS2 kick harness MD controller adapter Snes controller adapter VGA hat with 3.5mm audio jack (RGBS passthrough for F3 and OSSC...
  7. PascalP

    [FS] Taito Type X3 units, original USF4!

    So on my last bulk order from YAJ there where some X3 units included, and have 2 units left. Both are in excellent/mint condition and are original USF4 units, no conversions or hacked crap ;) Thing is both are the 'newer' online version which need some TLC to get running offline, it is not a...
  8. PascalP

    [FS] PC Engine Duo, boxed + Everdrive + games

    For sale this nice PC Engine Duo in box + games When I last tested the console the graphics where fine but audio did cut out and 1 channel was muted so obviously this needs a cap kit, but I never got to it myself to do it :( What is included; - Console + box + PSU (OEM AV cable got misplaced...
  9. PascalP

    [FS] Darksoft multilabels + MVS marquee

    So decided to start a new / clean thread, all previous input, pics etc. can still be found here; So for a while now I have been printing labels for the Darksoft...
  10. PascalP

    FS: Multiple Games (246, Namco Boards)

    I thought you sold 246 games from reading your title :P
  11. PascalP

    [PC/FS] Sega Saturn NTSC-J with Phoebe and extra's, CIB

    So as my Saturn gets any playtime at all I decided to let it go. Will post pictures of the actual console tonight. What is included: - Sega Saturn NTSC-J console, model 2, white, CIB - Original PSU - Original video lead - RGC RGB Scart lead with c-sync - Original 6 button controller - Original...
  12. PascalP

    SaturnPSU / DreamPSU DIY kits!

    so @Sp33dFr34k and myself thought it was a fun project to look at the SaturnPSU now that the files have been publicly released and ordered a bunch of stuff. We will be selling the rest of the parts we have left at cost price, this means what we paid for it directly from Digikey, PCB fab house...
  13. PascalP

    FS - Namco System 357 case + PSU

    As I sold the motherboard of my 357 I have some stuff left: - case - motherboard tray - psu - heatsink - some cables for video, power - fans So what is NOT included: - motherboard - jvs pcb - game hdd and dongle Whoever pays shipping gets it for free :)
  14. PascalP

    Namco System 357 + Tekken 6 HDD and Dongle

    As I can't get it to run (+ my cab doesn't support HD), I will sell of these parts. Namco System 357 + power adapter (no game included) Plugs right into your JVS cab, confirmed booting and running €250 Tekken 6 HDD + Dongle Game boots but throws an error, most likely because my System 357 is...
  15. PascalP

    [FS] Sega STV motherboard + JAP bios

    Selling this nice and clean STV motherboard, comes with original JAP bios. Condition is very good and tested working! (Cart + trackball NOT included) Price €75, shipping not included
  16. PascalP

    Tekken 6 System 357 USB Key Error

    Finally got around testing my recently bought System 357 and Tekken 6 HDD and Dongle All is connected to JVS, additional 5v power supply for the 2 pin connector. When it boots I briefly see the XMB/PS3 home screen and it directly boots Tekken 6 from the drive. After a while loading I get this...
  17. PascalP

    [FS] Taito F3 pcb + multi

    Thinking about letting this go as I hardly play it... - Taito F3 motherboard - Darksoft Multi in donor shell with my own labels - LCD case and holster from Twisted - SD Card - Soccer game, pcb only, used for the casse All in very good condition...
  18. PascalP

    [FS] Hori RAP3 for PS3/PC

    Bought new, modded with Sanwa parts, never used afterwards... €75 Pics here;
  19. PascalP

    NeoGeo rental banner (repro)

    Selling this reproduction banner I picked up 2 years ago from a run done by someone on Arcade Otaku. New in shipping tube. Open for offers, new price was €50 Can ship globally, estimate this will be around €25 The banner depicts G-Mantle (Gemanto, SNKsearly Neo Geo mascot) and has the...
  20. PascalP

    NeoGeo Mini classic, new

    Selling this as it has never even been taken from the box since purchase... It is the international edition €85 + shipping