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  1. Clownkicker

    Reading 64mbit C-ROMs

    Hey there - Apologies if this has been answered before... I did a search and couldn't exactly find my answer. I'm trying to diagnose a KOF98 (PROGSF1+CHA512Y), and I'm trying to determine whether my C-ROMs are okay. I de-soldered all of them, but I don't know how to fully check them against a...
  2. Clownkicker

    [FIXED] CPS-2, Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha (Green)

    Hello, I'm definitely a beginner so please bear with me. I've had this Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha CPS-2 B Board from JPN for a while now. It currently just sits at a black screen when I power on. No sounds can be heard, just a black/grey screen. Some facts about it: It WAS working for me...
  3. Clownkicker

    Hi from California!

    Hi everybody! I arrived here recently on a quest to build @'Frank_fjs''s minigun project! I've been into retro games ever since, well, they weren't retro. :) I've been mostly into console stuff in the past. The '16-bit' era (SNES, Genesis/MD, TG-16, NeoGeo, etc.) was my college years, so...