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    Home Arcade System

    Can't help with the cables but I use the hat with an OSSC specifically for Taito F3 which won't sync with the OSSC via AV1.
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    [WTB] Jasen's Customs CPS2 case - Longshot!

    This guy has a new one for trade:
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    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Yeah, this is going to take care of that, and to be honest, the MiSTer plays Punisher ten times better than the hack on CPS2. No disrespect to the hackers who made it possible, but it was only great for a few years ago. Today it's MiSTer for this game (if you don't have the original). I'm hoping...
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    [SOLD] Nonworking MV-1C/MV-1FZ for parts/repair

    Sounds fair! I'm sure whoever gets these will enjoy! Thanks for paying it forward (both of you!).
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    [SOLD] Nonworking MV-1C/MV-1FZ for parts/repair

    Awesome and quick work. Now let us know if you are giving about the multi cart... :P
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    Positive Feedback for benime

    Got this game from @benime from this thread: Great packing, quick shipping, just as described. The only negative about this transaction was that I was slow to the PM and only got one game! Great seller!
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    Selling various PCBs (Shmups, CPS3) for vet costs

    Got my game just as described, thank you so much and best of wishes for your poor pet to feel better in the time you guys have left!
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    WTB: PGM carts

    I have a real Demon Front cart, but I was hoping to sell/trade it with the motherboard and the 3 conversion carts (ESPGaluda, Ketsui, DDP) that I had extras of. Are you interested in the whole shebang?
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    Power Up Baseball Conversion

    Episode 2 of this new (and pretty well done) TV show covers it as well.
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    Violent Storm - and other fav unported arcade games - 2/21

    Me neither. I never saw Violent Storm, Bucky O'Hare, or TMNT TiT, but oddly I did see Metamorphic Force. Another amazing title that could be a video next... hint hint. Konami was truly the best 4-player game maker in the early 90's, and it's a bummer these didn't make it to any home systems...
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    Violent Storm - and other fav unported arcade games - 2/21

    One of my favorites!
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    [FOUND] CPS1 B + C Boards

    Final Fight sent off to @kikaso. He's a great buyer, paid promptly and was cool waiting until I could get to the PO. Let us know when you get it man!
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    [SOLD] Nonworking MV-1C/MV-1FZ for parts/repair

    Well, he hasn't replied yet, but if I do get them and am able to fix them (or not), I'll play it forward and send them to the next member. I think it will be a fun practice project for me and then I can let someone else have fun!
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    [SOLD] Nonworking MV-1C/MV-1FZ for parts/repair

    So $15 for both boards and the multi cart? Uh, yes please! It will also give me something to practice my recapping some more, as I'm still a bit sloppy on getting the old ones off! PM sent.
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    Wanted by twistedsymphony (I bet you no one has any of this for sale)

    Wow, that's a great deal, jump on it!
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    *currently out of stock Precision Measuring Devices

    Same brother. I don't have a specific use, but tools are tools!
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    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    The easiest way to play FW is with the hack that allows you to rotate with two buttons and fire with the third like the MegaDrive and PCE version. This is how I currently play the arcade version and it's probably good enough, but I definitely understand the desire to play via a spinner.
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    FS: Dave's Arcade Storage Bin Pulls Updated 2.16.2021

    Here is an easy way to confirm, but it does sound like you have the good one. There are 3 known revisions of the Seibu SPI system. Revision 1 is the original release board and can be identified by "(C)1995 SXX2C-MAIN V2.0" printed on the main...
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    cps1.5 punisher repro sticker

    I think his store is closed until the Capcom minis are done.
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    CPS1 - CPS2 - CPS3 Label Stickers Colored Version

    I'm going to just pull the trigger on one Punisher, but I'm curious if you ever got the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs done?