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  1. skate323k137

    CPS2 Suicide tester EPROM

    I have a pile of blank m27c4002 which is the equivalent, and I can program it. I'm in Michigan. If you cannot find someone in Canada I'll send you one at cost.
  2. skate323k137

    Selling various PCBs (Shmups, CPS3) for vet costs

    Super glad to see your pupper doing better.
  3. skate323k137

    NAOMI Netbooting - Error 33 Gateway Not Found error

    Yep, sounds like a bad PIC. And you're not wrong, a NAOMI will run fine with a time limit hack running, as long as the computer running the hack stays online and running. You only need a PIC to be able to disconnect the host PC (or Pi) while a game is running. Generally though I use a PIC so I...
  4. skate323k137

    An improved JVS-PAC (JVS-PAC 2)

    With my JVS PAC, I didn't have to do anything special for button or joystick mapping in groovyarcade. It was plug and play.
  5. skate323k137

    An improved JVS-PAC (JVS-PAC 2)

    I know it probably doesn't help, but I use an original JVS PAC with groovyarcade linux distro just fine. I don't have a JVS PAC 2 to try unfortunately.
  6. skate323k137

    TTX/X2 power-on power-off issue with motherboard

    I had an X3 exhibiting this exact behavior and it was due to a faulty GPU fan. System would kick on, only one of two GPU fans worked, so when there was no pulse on that sensor, the system shuts off, powers on for a moment, rinse and repeat A new GPU solved the issue. Edit: basically, check any...
  7. skate323k137

    Help with Top3000 Programmer Drivers

    I edited my post to have the version 8.90 mentioned. I added _new to the filename to differ it from the one I mirrored previously.
  8. skate323k137

    Switching forum software to XenForo

    I've worked in web hosting in one capacity or another for 10+ years, and I just want to say I'm amazed how well the site, content, and features were migrated. Awesome work, really.
  9. skate323k137

    FS: Ghouls n Ghosts conversion $175 shipped US SOLD

    Hey Guys. Clearing out some unused boards. First is this cps1 GnG conversion. Asking $175 shipped in the US - SOLD - Pics: Open to reasonable offers, not seeking trades unless you're looking to part ways with a nice behringer td-3.
  10. skate323k137

    Help with Top3000 Programmer Drivers

    Here is a mirror for the most recent file (thanks tonyt76 for the file) This is 8.90
  11. skate323k137

    Help with Top3000 Programmer Drivers

    I'll host it, that's no problem.
  12. skate323k137

    Options to rotate jamma stick 180 degrees

    On a JLF you could probably just remove the restrictor gate and rotate the PCB.
  13. skate323k137

    Type X3 video card and CPU upgrade

    It's all good. Since the seller was cool and refunded immediately, I bought the right RAM from them.
  14. skate323k137

    Type X3 video card and CPU upgrade

    Looks like I over looked the details. Seller sent me this message: "Please note that memory you purchased is DDR3 ECC registered (RDIMMs) and will not work with regular PC" I'll look for "regular" ddr3 1333. Edit: "regular" ddr3 is looking like it will cost 60 to 80 dollars for 16GB. Does...
  15. skate323k137

    PVM-1454QM: looking for deflection coils (yoke) values

    Here's all the PVM manuals I've collected. I don't see your model but maybe a similar manual can help you out.
  16. skate323k137

    Type X3 video card and CPU upgrade

    Would this RAM be correct for upgrading an X3 from 8GB to 16GB?
  17. skate323k137

    WTB: Cheap Atomiswave Game Cart

    PM sent re: PGM carts.
  18. skate323k137

    WTB: Cheap Atomiswave Game Cart

    I just might have something for you. I'll have a look through my basement later today :)