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    [FS] Dreamcast Accesories (rumble pack, memory cards, mouse)

    Hello. I am moving out, so I am selling some dreamcast accesories. My dreamcast was sol sometime ago and I don'y have a use for them Cable Extension: 4e Mouse: 10e Microphone: 12e Rumble pack: 12e Third party 4 blocks memory card 10e Shipping for one individual item is 18e. Open to offers. I...
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    Desoldering gun+hot air gun+multimeter+chip remover (open to offers

    Hello, I am moving out soon. So, I would like to sell some of the tools I have and no longer need. Desoldering gun: 45e [sold] Hot air gun: 15e [sold] Multimeter: 15e IC Extractor: 8e The soldering gun has been used, the hot air gun I only used it one time to test it was working. The other...
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    [FS] Switch PlayAsia Shumps+other games

    Hello. I sold my switch sometime ago, soI want to the sell the remaining games I still have: Dimension drive: 35e (PlayAsia physical version, limited to 2000 or 3000 copies) Shikondo -Soul Eater 35e (PlayAsia physical version, limited to 2000 or 3000 copies) Gal Gun 2: 20e Sine Mora EX: 20e...
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    [FS] SuperFamicom games+SuperFami with scart cable+metal slug gba+Dreamcast keyboard (prices lowered, open to offers)

    Hello. I am moving, so I am selling some superfamicom games, a super famicom with scart cable and controller, and some megadrive games. I have put some prices only in some items, if someone is interested in something without a price, send me a pm and I will let you know. All prices indicated...
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    [FS] Japonese Saturn arcade stick

    Hello. I am moving soon and I would like to sell quickly the following things: Saturn Arcade stick 40e. I am open to offers! I want to sell this, so I am open to offers. Combine Shipping is paid by buyer, is 25 within europe, and 35 euro for the rest of the world. Cheers, Edwin. -- Total...
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    [SOLD] Mak Supergun (open to offers)

    Hello. Sometime ago I bought a non-working contra pcb from ebay.It is in a reset loop because a custom chip is not working. I replaced two ls chips and removed the epoxy from the custom chip to expose the chips to be replaced. I never did it, and I don't have time to do it. I am moving soon...
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    [FS] SuperContra pbc (glitches with sprites) [SOLD]

    Hello. I will be moving soon, so I would like to sell arcade stuff I still have at home. PGM mobo+3 carts= 160e [SOLD] 1942+jamma adapter 55e. It was working, now I have a scramble screen. I don't know why, maybe is the voltage in my psu. I sell it as non-working [SOLD] Super Contra pcb 120e...
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    [FS] RGB modded PC-Engine+SuperCDROM2 combo

    Hello. I am selling my PC-Engine+SuperCDROM2 console. It is RGB modded, so it outputs a pristine video signal. I include the Scart, cable and one standard two bottoms controller. The price is 245 euro+ shippping. The shipping cost is 25 euro within europe, and 35 euro to the rest of the world...
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    [FS] Raspberry pi+adafruit screen for netbooting

    Hello. I would like to sell my Raspberry pi+adafruit screen for netbooting. I bought it to use it with my naomi, but i sold it sometime ago, so i don't any use for it. It has little use, it is assembled and no soldering it is required. The price is 60e or best offer+shipping. Payment via...
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    [FS] Dreamcast and SegaCDX+mega-everdrive-x3 [PICS]

    Hello, I am planning to sell my pal dreamcast and ntsc sega-cdx. I ship from Holland. I would like to sell my dreamcast without GD drive. I also include a VGA cable and power cable, controller, and VMU. The vga cable is a generic one, but works great. The price is 100euro+shipping The...
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    [FS] Strikers1999, Pair of LS-30 SNK rotary sticks, Guerilla War (non-working)

    Hello, I'm selling the following: Strikers 1999 pcb: 110 euro. It works fine without problems and includes original artwork. [SOLD] Guerilla War: 55 euro. It was working last time I tested. One led that indicates the power for one of the boards is not getting on. It may work with a better...
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    FS: Mint [RGB] PC Engine Core Grafx

    Hi. In what consists the 'Jailbar fix'? I got one rgb modded and I'm wondering if I could modded with this fix. Thx.
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    Hello. I would like to sell some arcade stuff I have. I don't use it that much, so I think it's better to find a new home for them. Prices are in euro and exclude shipping. I'm shipping from The Netherlands. neo geo mv1fz: 65 SOLD Demon Front (PGM): 130 SOLD DDP 2: Bee Storm: 300 SOLD --...
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    [WTB] Sega Saturn Phoebe ODE

    Hello. These are only available by preorders and wait for it. Does someone have one Phoebe that is willing to sell? Please let me know.
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    Vertical lines with different pcbs

    Hello. I would to ask a question, I don't know if it's a basic thing or not. I have three different pcbs: Figting Raiders, Strikers II, and guerrilla wars. I used them with a Mak Strike supergun and a ATX psu. I notice that for example the shadow sprites do not show correctly and have...
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    WTB: Spare undamned usb decoder and Zero Key chip

    Hello. As the title says does anyone has a spare undamned usb decoder and/or Zero Key chip that is willing to sell? If that is the case, please let me know.
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    alternative for undammed usb encoder?

    Hello. I got a naomi, netdim and segai/o recently and I was trying to setting up everything up. So far. the naomi+netdim seems to be running ok, but I got the i/o error because I still don't connected. I got a undammed usb encoder to map a PS3 joystick to the jamma connected. However, I tried...