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    Repair Log - Capcom CPS3

    Hi everyone, I had a CPS3 motherboard fail on me and I have replaced it, but I recently repaired a CPS3 with a bad SIMM slot and decided to have another look at my own faulty board. Fault: Game stops writing at 6m24s remaining. Third Strike freezes, other games give error 22 Fix: I replaced...
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    CPS3 not reading CD ROM/SCSI2SD

    Hi everyone, I recently fixed a CPS3 motherboard that was failing a write at 6m24s remaining. It was reading the CD drive no problems but failed at that point every time. I have since repaired the fault (bad trace going to CCU custom) and booted the cart, loaded 2I and confirmed it was fixed...
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    CPS1 C Boards - Multi Compatible

    Hi everyone, I bought some C boards from lydz to test if they will be suitable for the upcoming multi (whether they will accept key loads) and they turned out to be perfect. They are VERY clean, CPS1.5 style C boards. I loaded Knights of the Round keys onto 2 of these and they both work...
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    Spider-Man Incorrect Voice Samples

    Hi, I'm looking at a Spider-Man board that has a strange issue. It plays voice samples out of place (you hear "Hawk Eye!" when you throw an enemy for example) All sounds and music are present and correct, it's purely a voice issue. All ROMs have verified good. I want to replace the PAL on the...
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    B Board battery acid repair

    Hi everyone, I've recently been asked to try and salvage a battery acid damaged B board. The board cleaned up quite nicely after a bath in vinegar and a really good clean but boots to a solid colour screen. EXC5 was dead and has been removed as well as D5 next to it. The DL-1727 has been...
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    [FS/FT] [AUS] PCBs/MVS - Prices Updated 19 December!

    Hi all, Going to start a sale/trade thread. Will add/remove/change as stuff moves along :) Shipping is from Australia, I will ship anywhere but keep in mind things may take a long while to get to some countries. I will check if your country has been suspended for shipping services from here...
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    [REVIEW] - Sega 16B Multi OLED Selector by Frank_fjs

    I have recently received and spent some time with the new OLED selector made for the Sega 16B Multi Kit by @Frank_fjs. At the time of writing this can be purchased and are shipped directly from Frank, however there are plans in place to make the selectors available to be delivered with your kit...
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    Taito F3 Zener Diode

    Hi all, I need to replace a diode on an F3 board (reading 0.000v in both directions) and I’m not sure what voltage to replace it with. Silkscreen on the board is ZD5 - diode has B2 written on it.
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    Taito Asuka and Asuka Repair [In progress]

    Hi all, I have a Taito Aska & Aska that boots to a garbage screen and no further. The RGB0070 is loose but not yet broken off (Edit: it broke off when I turned the board upside down to remove an IC) I noticed that the RESET and HALT lines are asserted, but the reset is moving slightly. I...
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    FS: Neo Geo 4 Slot MVS [AUS]

    Hi all, I've got 3x Neo Geo MVS 4 slot boards for sale. All of these have been cleaned and repaired as required. Repair log here: Multiple MVS 4 Slot Repair Log - In Progress Asking $350AUD each ONO Photos and videos available on request.
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    MVS Fault - Random Horizontal Bars

    I have an MVS cart giving me random blue lines through the screen. They look like text boxes and appear in places they shouldn't, with no text. I have desoldered all C ROMs and S1 and the blue bars are still appearing. So it is not the fix layer and is being generated by P1 or by the...
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    FT: Rampage World Tour

    Hi all, I have a fully working RWT board that I am looking to trade. Original U64 with windowed EPROMs, very clean. Not interested in selling at this stage, let me know what you have to trade. Located Australia and it is a large board, but happy to ship anywhere. Photos and videos to come...
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    The Definitive Guide to the System 16 Multi Kit

    Hi everyone, Now that the S16 multi kit is due to start shipping soon, I have asked the team to share some details on the initial setup! Congratulations on your purchase of the System 16 Multi! Now that you have your kit, or even if you haven't yet received it, where do you go from here...
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    Truxton/Toaplan RAM Locations

    Hi everyone, I'm getting an error on a Truxton board I've been repairing that's suffered some major damage but it's now at least booting to an error screen. I'm getting an error screen complaining of a lookup error at 01447FF which from looking at the MAME driver I can see is the upper boundary...
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    Consolized Neo 2 Slot - Housing

    Hi, I'm hoping someone with the right skill set would be happy to help me out with plexi cutting plans (happy to pay for your time as well of course) I want to consolize a 2 slot but rather than hack away at the original metal housing, I'd rather keep that in case I take it back to original...
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    CPS2 4 Player Harness

    I was asked by @Reading-comics to make an adapter for CPS2 3/4 player with DB15 connectors to allow Neo CD pads to be used for players 3 and 4 There is an ebay seller who offers these, but there is no voltage connection to the 3P/4P controllers and the Neo CD pads and a lot of other controllers...
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    The Definitive Guide to CPS2 Conversions

    A lot of people have been asking me recently how to make CPS2 conversions. This information is out there, but it does need to be put together. I have asked the mod team and they have given me the go ahead, so here it is DISCLAIMER: IF YOU BREAK YOUR BOARD ATTEMPTING TO MAKE A CONVERSION I...
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    Neo Geo HDMI

    Hi all, So I've seen there are mods out there to use FPGA dev boards to go to HDMI. They require quite a bit of hacking to work and are kind of ugly. Is there a CPS2 AV/DCHDMI style board you can buy/build to get a HDMI output (preferably like said boards in a modern resolution) Thinking of...
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    Multiple MVS 4 Slot Repair Log - In Progress

    Hi everyone, I was asked to repair a box full of 4 slot MVS boards by an operator friend. I pulled the first one out today and decided to start a log as I go and hopefully get at least a couple of these up and running (some are believed to be beyond repair but will be good for parts supply!)...
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    CPS2 Graphics Glitch - Super 2X

    Hi all, I have come across a CPS2 fault that has me completely stumped. Super Turbo/2X - am getting jailbars through quite a few sprites which are all over the memory space, so it's not an individual mask ROM causing the problem. - Ryu on main screen - Lightning effects are missing/garbled on...