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  1. defor

    Model 2B Conversion of Virtua Fighter 2?

    I've gently asked about this before, but does anyone know exactly how different the A and B boards are? it drives me up a wall that of all my Model 2 fighting games, Only VF2 seems notably missing an alternate program rom to convert it for Model 2B operation. Does anyone out there have any...
  2. defor

    FS: System 2X6 (246/256) Games

    Having more or less completed my personal collection and dumping of Namco System 2X6 games, I have a lot of spares that I'd like to find new homes for. I have the following for sale (please check back for other items down the road!): (1) $ 20.00 NM0006 Smash Court Pro Tennis (JPN) Dongle(O) &...
  3. defor

    FS: System 2X6 (246/256) Motherboards & Parts

    Bumping my sales thread up again- 4/30/2019: Had to clean out my storage units after a bit of a hiatus and now I'm in a bind. Half of my living room is full of spare Arcade PCBs and parts, and these metal boxes are in the way of my sofa! I've dropped the prices on the PCB's- feel free to make...
  4. defor

    NM00022 (IDM1) "The IdolM@ster" - Technical Discussion

    I've decided to start some threads over the coming weeks with information about each game. The IdolM@ster gets to be the first on that list! That said, this is probably the most complicated (hardware-wise) of ALL the System 2X6 games, short of the unreleased StarBlade: Operation Blue Planet...
  5. defor

    FS: System 256 & System 246C Motherboards

    Cleaning more storage shelves, and buying up parts for the universal dongle. Have the following for sale (stock may change as I clean and test more): (6) Namco System 256 motherboards. (No accessories or optical drive) $90.00 USD each, UPS Insured shipping included to USA only. (1) Namco...
  6. defor

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

    So, as many of you all know, I've been back and forth busy over the last nine months, and the 2x6 projects I've got in the works have really fallen by the wayside... (along with other things I owe people) Back from my second trip to Japan last week, and I'm ready to get back into the thick of...
  7. defor

    WTB: Type X2 Motherboard

    I've got an X2 that needs a new board- currently powers on, but won't chime or do anything interesting past that. Have swapped all other parts with a known good X2 and have come to the conclusion it's the motherboard. Anyone have a spare original? Shipping to USA, zipcode 20024 thanks!
  8. defor

    SOLD: Sega Saturn Rhea w/Free VA0 Saturn!

    Hey guys! Missed out on the last batch of Rhea? Well I've got an amazing deal for you! I'm selling my Rhea for the normal price of $145.00, and throwing in the following for FREE: - Sega Saturn VA0 (Rhea Pre-Installed) - AV Cable (Composite/Stereo) - Power Cable - Original Controller - 4MB...
  9. defor

    FS: Sega, Taito JVS I/O Boards, GD-Rom mount, "SCSI" cable

    Just clearing out some spare stuff I don't need anymore! Prices include shipping to the continental USA GD-ROM Mount: $20.00 SCSI Cable: $20.00 Sega Type 1 JVS I/O: $40.00 Payment by PayPal Shipping will be UPS or FedEx insured. Let me know if you have nay questions or offers! SOLD: Sega...
  10. defor

    Out of spec ATX power supplies when under load (JVS)

    So, I've been making a number of different adapter types for ATX to JVS, Modular PSU to JVS, etc... And while the cables check out fine during testing, I've run into problems with majorly out of spec voltages on 3.3v on some power supplies. Interestingly, it does NOT appear to have anything to...
  11. defor

    NEVERMIND: 8 dimm/netdimm bolts (screws)

    I'm looking for original (or suitable replacements) screws to clamp my two pcb stacks together, and a few years ago i sold off a few dimms with the screws so I don't have suitable comparison. I find the full stacks (Naomi + Link PCB + NetDimm) rather twitchy at times if the contacts aren't...
  12. defor

    REQUEST Replacement gates for Sega analog sticks

    First off, I'm unaware of anyone selling these sticks OR their parts anymore, but if they are I'm totally down with that. I've got a pile of analog sticks, all with shattered upper black gates. It seems to me that these should be a perfect candidate for 3d printing, as they don't need to be...
  13. defor

    WTB: Naomi 2 shell in not horrible condition

    Got a great deal on a pristine N2 a few weeks back (sadly USPS bounced one of the heatsinks off the board, and it took the chip with it as well T_T), but it was replaced with a rather ratty looking N2 that someone had ripped off (with pliers it appears) the plastic shield covering the second...
  14. defor

    WTF do i need to have a CPS3 multi?

    So, I've heard a pile of different things about what's needed... What does one need to actually get a CPS3 up and running to run any game? Can someone put together a decent explanation of this, because I feel dumb here. I've heard things from "you just need to re-encode games to match your...
  15. defor

    Filter Board Replacement for Consolization of Naomi 1/2

    So I've been playing around with a design (on paper so far) over the last few months, and was wondering if anyone else was interested... The idea is to create a replacement filter board for the the Naomi or Naomi 2, wiith dedicated supergun/consolization components built onto it. - Power would...
  16. defor

    Various IC cards (Neowave, Virtua Striker 4, Gekitou Pro Yakyuu)

    I've got some spare cards for games I'm not likely to ever use, I don't know if they're used or not, but they came from Yahoo Japan in a lot with other unused cards. Make me an offer. Virtual Striker 4 IC card box included if you want it:
  17. defor

    Taiko Drum Master - Region Hack Development & Testing Thread

    Taiko Drum Master 太鼓の達人 / 太鼓之达人 Region Hacking ©2016 eastrain design Some time in late 2015, I was put in contact with some Taiko bootleggers (feel free to argue the semantics of what they were doing elsewhere) who were having trouble getting Japanese versions of Taiko Drum Master 11 and later...
  18. defor

    How to make Wangan Midnight/R actually work.

    The original WGN and WMR games shipped with a Driving chassis, equipped with a SINGLE 64MB RAM card. ONLY 246"Driving" and 246A PCBs have interchangeable cache RAM slots to make this work. System 246B and 246C boards do not, and likely only have 32MB onboard (I'll have to check) !!!An option to...
  19. defor

    [WTB] Namco System 147 PCB (Any game)

    I need one of these boards now! According to System16, there are at least 4 games for it: Medal No Tatsujin Medal No Tatsujin 2 Pac-Man Battle Royale Pac-Man's Arcade Party I'll take any of these, or ANY others as long as it's a System 147 board. If it's dead, I'm still interested.
  20. defor

    [SOLD]Taito Type 2 Multigame HDD + Mounting solution = CHEAP!

    SOLD! I've just sold off my Type X2 (Simply just not ever playing it...) The buyer already had a multigame for it, so I've got a spare drive here. I'm including the Kingwin PCI Dual-HDD mounting bracket that I use as well. I preferred this method of mounting such that I could use a simple molex...