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  1. Flinnster

    PGM Cart Dip-Switch Settings

    I recently recieved a CAVE conversion cart (Espgaluda) and noticed the dip switches on the mobo were set all over the place. Dip 3 was set on to enable 'Free Play' but does nothing on the cave conversions it seems. Dip 7 and 8 were also on, that normally do nothing on PGM? It got me thinking -...
  2. Flinnster

    Easy / Lucky Sega System16A Pickup & Fix

    Recently I picked up a few boards from someone local leaving the hobby. One of these was a Sega Shinobi, dead and unloved - they commented on how the adaptor was the only thing of value.... (not to me buddy, not to me! ) The pcb seems to have had an interesting life - while the first pcb...
  3. Flinnster

    Flinnster's MVS mobo issues + repairs

    Thought I'd ask for some advice on an MV1-FS board I picked up recently. All seemed well on first power-on, but after a little while it starts farting and spluttering at me, despite audio in the games still working perfectly fine. So I stripped it back - no cart or edge connector to worry...
  4. Flinnster

    Flinnster's Dino King Mods 'n Stuff

    It was requested I show what I'm doing on my Dino King cabs. I'm actually mid-way through a bunch of conversions (nope they are never finished), but started another recently, so probably a good time to start a thread. This is actually Dino #5 for the mini-cab lineup! =O I was a bit lazy and...
  5. Flinnster

    FS: Dino King Torx Security Bolts

    For sale a bunch of these original Dino King security bolts. I'm swapping mine for cross-heads so these are no longer needed. PPG £3 includes UK postage
  6. Flinnster

    Wanted: Demon Front (PGM IGS) Art Scans

    I wonder if anyone out there has in their collection the original Demon Front kit artwork. There is a card marquee (blueish) and an orange coloured instruction strip. I'm looking to do some custom artwork for my Dino King cabs for the game, but so far I've not managed to find anything at a...
  7. Flinnster

    FS: Jamma adaptor fingerboards (version 2 design!)

    Just popping these up here in case anyone is interested :) I designed some Jamma adaptor fingerboards. I did a small run of 50x of the initial design here: They were good! But have been further refined for the v2 batch, which now has a slight gold conductive finish, and the pin widths have...
  8. Flinnster

    Hello from a self confessed Dino King junkie!

    Hello, I'm Flinnster, from the UK, just outside London. Some of you may have seen me on other forums, same avatar, same username. Total arcade nut, big fan of Sega, Namco, Taito, SNK etc.. I have a reasonable collection of my fave games, and have fixed up a few boards that arrived with niggles...