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  1. ChicksOnLeashes

    Positivity Directed Towards OptimusP

    Positive feedback for @OptimusP for the perfect PGM/Cave instant conversion collection! I will treasure these as if these were actual Cave boards! :D Packed well and shipped fast!
  2. ChicksOnLeashes

    JAMMA PCBs, Model 2 parts, NTSC-J Sega Saturn

    You can move @asr10user to the #1 spot for Espgaluda! Thanks!
  3. ChicksOnLeashes

    Capcom ZN2 Motherboard Crystal Oscilator reference

    I have a ZN2 motherboard that looks totally fried. Got it just in case I needed something off of it. Someone smarter around here would probably know of a suitable replacement, but if nobody chimes in after a while, you can swipe mine! In the US though... Not so sure on our mailing system right...
  4. ChicksOnLeashes

    Capcom ZN-2 Stereo Breakout board

    rca jacks for sure!
  5. ChicksOnLeashes

    Positive Feedback for opt2not!

    Another positive transaction! Received these dongle-less Retrobit wireless Sega Saturn controllers and they arrived as advertised! No Dongles! Transactions like this will truly have a ripple effect and change the fabric of time as we know it!
  6. ChicksOnLeashes

    die hard arcade cartridge

    Man, that's hilarious! I would mount that in a small box frame, how you have it displayed, and hang it in my bathroom.
  7. ChicksOnLeashes

    WTB: Rival Schools

    I swear I saw a listing for Rival Schools withouth the ZN board somewhere this morning... but now I cant find it. Maybe it was all a dream... :(
  8. ChicksOnLeashes

    ST-V Graphical issues...

    Oh! I guess I didn't notice there was a reply... Slowly in the process of recapping the board. Picked up extra hours at work, so theres a little less time! Didn't know that the VDP was a physical part... so I will find it and reflow next time I replace a couple caps. Thanks man!
  9. ChicksOnLeashes

    ST-V Graphical issues...

    Hello! Looking for some suggestions... Got this ST-V board which worked beautifully for about 3 days and now I'm having problems. Going through the games list to check if they all work, some do, some don't. Tried another SD card. Same games don't work. Try another SD card, still the same games...
  10. ChicksOnLeashes

    Run&Gun 2 PCB

    pm'd for ST-V dreams!
  11. ChicksOnLeashes

    WTB: Atomiswave Mobo and FOTNS Boot

    There's a YAJ listing with 10 hours left. Untested. Buyee service fee is free until 3/31. "Operation is unconfirmed we will Therefore allowed to send as a junk article is an arcade game board for business housing and control box, dedicated...
  12. ChicksOnLeashes

    WTB: ST-V Board!

    Looks like the wanted section actually works for some people! Trying to become a REAL multi-boy... Looking for a ST-V motherboard if anyone would part with one. Bonus points for multi-bios! Let's work out a deal! :saint:
  13. ChicksOnLeashes

    Sega ST-V, SOLD

  14. ChicksOnLeashes

    WTB: Working ZN2 motherboard

    Man... just going to make this exact post! Haha. I guess I will take 3rd place if anyones holding.
  15. ChicksOnLeashes

    For Sale - Claw Cranes, Change Machine, Candy Cranes

    Man... you wouldnt happen to live anywhere near crappy North Dakota, would you? Ive been looking for a crane for a while!
  16. ChicksOnLeashes

    Price check: Sega Top Skater

    Got one with a busted monitor for 100. In the process of making a new monitor box to use with a flat screen/cga converter... :^/
  17. ChicksOnLeashes

    Latest news on Atomiswave 2 Naomi

    My region free bios motherboard doesnt work with the Atomiswave files, but my normal bios motherboard does!