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  1. ChicksOnLeashes

    Positivity Directed Towards OptimusP

    Positive feedback for @OptimusP for the perfect PGM/Cave instant conversion collection! I will treasure these as if these were actual Cave boards! :D Packed well and shipped fast!
  2. ChicksOnLeashes

    ST-V Graphical issues...

    Hello! Looking for some suggestions... Got this ST-V board which worked beautifully for about 3 days and now I'm having problems. Going through the games list to check if they all work, some do, some don't. Tried another SD card. Same games don't work. Try another SD card, still the same games...
  3. ChicksOnLeashes

    WTB: ST-V Board!

    Looks like the wanted section actually works for some people! Trying to become a REAL multi-boy... Looking for a ST-V motherboard if anyone would part with one. Bonus points for multi-bios! Let's work out a deal! :saint:
  4. ChicksOnLeashes

    Sony ZN2 probz.

    Hi! I came up on a couple dollars, so I acquired a Street Fighter EX2 Plus board from an ebay listing. The board was sold as "100% functional". The game seems to run fine, but if you preform a memory check, some roms appear as NG instead of OK. Does that mean "not good?" haha. the memory check...
  5. ChicksOnLeashes

    FT - RCG Starfox 2

    Hi. Does anyone still collect snes stuff? I have this Rose Colored Gaming copy of Starfox 2 I am looking to turn into arcade hardware or something else cool. Starfox 2 logo on the cartridge lights up yellow when powered on! Can you even believe that!? =O Complete in box. I never fully...