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  1. gamemaster14

    Are there multiple es3 hardware configurations? Different per game?

    Just wondering, do the hardware specs of a es3 change per game? For instance my tekken 7 is i5-3550 with 8GB ram and Geforce 760. Would games like Mario Kart DX and Time Crisis 5 have different specs or the same in their es3 systems?
  2. gamemaster14

    Should Tekken 7 Fated Retribution have Screen Tearing on ES3?

    I will probably change the thermal paste on both the graphics card and cpu as I would assume it was never done. Just wondering, I have seen people with ES3 that has a graphics card that says Geforce GTX on the card, mine is a rather plain looking black card with no text? Is my card a...
  3. gamemaster14

    Should Tekken 7 Fated Retribution have Screen Tearing on ES3?

    Just got my ES3 yesterday with T7FR. Doesnt happen all the time but sometimes I see screen tearing in the image, does anyone know if this is supposed to happen or could the cpu or gpu have dry thermal paste?
  4. gamemaster14

    Tekken 7 Cards

    I can not give you an answer for sure on this but I know Tekken 5 cards work with Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection and Tekken 6 Cards work with Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion. Since both games I have and I use the original games cards with them. I believe it would be safe to say, Tekken 7 card should...
  5. gamemaster14

    Emergency Call Ambulance - and other fav unported arcade games - 2/28

    Yeah you can see it in my video here:
  6. gamemaster14

    Emergency Call Ambulance - and other fav unported arcade games - 2/28

    One of the main reasons I got into arcade games was for games that never made it home and of course games that were better in the arcades. Just wanted to make mention, when I run my Asian Dynamite cart on my Naomi 2 running arcade mod bios, in usa mode the game runs in full english with even...
  7. gamemaster14

    FS: Sega Tetris Giant w/ Jamma adapter

    I was referring to building a legit controller setup like the huge ones you see people plaything this game with. Anyone know or those parts would be possible to get?
  8. gamemaster14

    FS: Sega Tetris Giant w/ Jamma adapter

    If I knew there was a way to get or build the controllers for this, I would jump on this instantly
  9. gamemaster14

    Namco System ES1 (A2) Does not power? Help Please?

    Got a non working Namco System ES1 (A2) with Gundam Bonds of the Battlefield. System has green light on outside board and mother board, sits idle like that for a while, then just the psu comes on, no activity from either system fan. Anyone know what could be the problem here? Also on a side...
  10. gamemaster14

    JVS Emulator

    I am interested too
  11. gamemaster14

    FS: Stock TTX2 w/o drives/lids or trade for PS5 Disc Version

    Sounds good looking forward to that, just wondering what is a dmac?
  12. gamemaster14

    FS: Stock TTX2 w/o drives/lids or trade for PS5 Disc Version

    I would be very interested in a TTX2 with full multi if that was possible. Been looking for one of these guys everywhere, seams like they fell out of style. If any are left that is.
  13. gamemaster14

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited won't load anymore. Did it die?

    I actually had my memory (or as I have nicknamed it "Costumes") dongle go bad before. If you simply boot the system with the main program dongle, it works fine. I actually had reached out to someone who had owned this game too used his memory dongle imagine and my game once again had all the...
  14. gamemaster14

    Is there an Initial D5 English Version (Export?)

    Just a curious questions as I have seen Export versions and even played the Export version of Initial D4. But is there an actual english Initial D5 version out there. My old multi kit I believe its like version 7.5, very old, and that 9.6 one with the controller support both contain Initial D4...
  15. gamemaster14

    How to use Namco NAJV2 I/O boards? Can someone give me a functional drawing of pin? thank you

    Just a quick note here, my Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion board came with one of these. No idea how to hook it up, I actually just use the Sega JVS to Jamma I/o that I had got with my Naomi 2 crazy long ago and it works. Would appear at least the 357 likes any jvs i/o
  16. gamemaster14

    SEGA Model 3 Step 2.0 Spikeout conversion, is it possible?

    The DSB2 is generic, as long as its populated with the right roms, it will work with your game board. Of course the only other thing that is very important is the cable that connects the model3 to the DSB2 as it wont work right without it. Audio mixer is not specific as you can use any audio...
  17. gamemaster14

    Quick question about Soul Calibur II's Conquest mode

    Video I made crazy long ago when I first got my 246 working showing exactly what happens when conquest mode is completed. Since my board at the time was very close to conquest being completed.
  18. gamemaster14

    System 246 and 256 MB’s plus 6 games fs

    if you still had this I would like the dragonball a game, I own the rest.
  19. gamemaster14

    GS Containers: New listings, Vewlix DIA, PRas 3, Rhythm, etc.

    My dream is to own a cyberlead and perhaps a Noir cabinet as I have gameboards specifically made for both.
  20. gamemaster14

    Ring Edge 2 full setups complete

    Can you upload pics of the last ringedge?