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  1. ArcSys101

    Namco System 357/369 repairs

    Boot the system without the hdd and dongle Plug it in the vga port then let it boot if it is dim maybe you didn't have a 5volds molex connector to the board of the system (357)
  2. ArcSys101

    Tekken Tag Tournament Consolized

    Hi can i have a diagram and parts for the gonbes to be more smooth and no lag in an ordinary led or lcd monitor , i was searching for how you do it , buti dont know where to start , i already have 2pcs gonbes converter for my two tekken tag1 to use in casuals and some mini tournament,and also i...
  3. ArcSys101

    WTB: ridge racer V arcade pcb or time crisis 2/3 pcb

    Ihave a system 246 and time Crisis 3 dongle and rom disc with the i/o board bu i think there's a special i/o for gun and pedal
  4. ArcSys101

    WTB: ridge racer V arcade pcb or time crisis 2/3 pcb

    Time Crisis 3 is on system 246/256 ,is that right
  5. ArcSys101

    WTB: ZN-1 based game PCB

    I have some zn-2 romboards like Techromancer Street fighter ex2 not plus Plasma Sword Just incase you need them here us some of mine ok Good luck on the hunt
  6. ArcSys101

    Sega Model 2 , Cps3 And Namco dongles and Stuff

    Hi Guys Sega Model 2A and 2B bundle price $500 shipped Dynamite Cop Dead Or Alive Sega Model 2B Zero Gunner Selling Cps3 Suicide Kits and Box manuals and Romdisc Jojo venture Suicide Cartridge with original Rom Disc and Cd Cover label , Moveset sticker, Complete Manual Instructions and Good...
  7. ArcSys101

    WTB: CPS2 Shells

    I have so many but shipping will be a killer
  8. ArcSys101

    WTB: various cabs and parts (awsd, egret29, monkeyball & outtrigger panels, cycraft, naomi, etc!)

    I have 3 outrigger panels and a naomi motherboards available
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    Hello all!

    Welcome 🤗😁🤗
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    Greetings from France 🙂

    Welcome 🤗🤗
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    Hi From Algiers

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    Hi from California