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  1. yavuzg

    Golden Axe (encrypted bootleg) - Sound section PAL dump?

    Thanks! Informed the admin at jammarcade and he kindly fixed the problem... The GALs are working btw... For reference, the culprit turned out to be not the sound PAL but the NEC D7759
  2. yavuzg

    Golden Axe (encrypted bootleg) - Sound section PAL dump?

    I'm trying to repair a Golden Axe bootleg which appears to be the "encrypted bootleg" version (I've checked couple of EPROMs with romident). Everything is OK except the audio is trash. Checked the sound cpu ROMs and z80 which turned out to be OK. I suspect the PAL near the Z80 (sound section)...
  3. yavuzg

    Wiring fun! Ultimate control for Commodore 64 with arcade controls

    If you are interested in Arduino (or any microcontroller board) as much as you are interested in C64 why not wire everything to a cheap Arduino clone and program whatever feature as you like without bothering with hard switches and re-wiring etc. That would be a fun project ;) On the other...
  4. yavuzg

    CPS3 Sound problem

    If your sound problem is "only" related with the pot, touching it would result as good sound/bad sound/no sound. Just change the pot. If the problem is "only" related with the amp then you should still be able to get good sound from the line-out RCA connectors. Regarding the "service button"...
  5. yavuzg

    Sega Mega-Tech Repair Log

    hello superem... First I must state that I'm not an expert in fixing Mega-Tech boards but from what you've said I can only speculate that your problem might be in the menu (the sega master system section for the menu) section. Since the menu glitch you mention seems minor (I mean the menu is...
  6. yavuzg

    Need chip help for Sunset Riders

    I hope your problem is mask rom related. but most of the times, based on my experience while fixing konami boards, the problem resides; a) customs which handle the addressing (gives false alarms in mask rom check screen) b) rusted copper tracks or tiny rusted vias, especially hidden "under" the...
  7. yavuzg

    Midway Wolf conversions

    You shouldn't need an adapter to program the U54 and U63 since they are 27c4001 and directly supported by the TL866 (If that was your question). If the programming is interrupted, then a) Always test your TL866 (Tools->System Health check) befor any programming. It is crappy assembled and...
  8. yavuzg

    Midway Wolf conversions

    Great news! Thanks Phil... Either I'm an idiot which I can not find it on the site or the file is not yet public?
  9. yavuzg

    Pinball restoration - Elvira and the party monsters

    It is possible but really is optional. These modern 2K clear coats has a decent thickness, durability as well as elasticity just like a mylar. Back in the day, during 80's, the varnish they have used on these machines was very thin and it was an alcohol soluble substance that does not have too...
  10. yavuzg

    Pinball restoration - Elvira and the party monsters

    Thank you all for your kind comments ;) @Aurich I guess I've seen your restoration photos before since I remember the f**ed up face of Elvira :P @mastercello I've documented all my work on a local website but unfortunately its in Turkish. However, I'll try to provide quick answers to your...
  11. yavuzg

    Pinball restoration - Elvira and the party monsters

    Believe me, even I'm not the same person either, after 8 months of work! :D :D :D I've learned how to airbrush, clear-coat with HVLP airgun and metal welding during this project... Reassembling the back side of the playfield was guru meditation :P
  12. yavuzg

    Pinball restoration - Elvira and the party monsters

    Hey guys, I finally finished my side project. :D It took 8 months and every part, even the screws, have been restored/cleaned/rebuilt, playfield touched up and clear coated etc. This was my first pinball restoration... It was basically a junk before... ... and after 8 months of total...
  13. yavuzg

    SOLVED - Help me revive a Sega Mega Play - part 2: 315-5330 custom chip needed (present in some Master System consoles)

    The /WE signal seems HIGH most of the time. However, there are also periodic spikes (see below) which does not seem to be related with the game selection or game currently playing. Infact this 5330 chip is in the "selection menu handling" part of the PCB. Since the menu is always a static list...
  14. yavuzg

    SOLVED - Help me revive a Sega Mega Play - part 2: 315-5330 custom chip needed (present in some Master System consoles)

    Australia and NZ is in PAL region. It seems that chip is found in NTSC SMS 1 systems.
  15. yavuzg

    SOLVED - Help me revive a Sega Mega Play - part 2: 315-5330 custom chip needed (present in some Master System consoles)

    315-5330 is also found on Sega Mega-tech PCB. I don't mean to sacrifice a megatech to save a megaplay but just saying if you have a megatech you may try to use it just to know if the failed part is indeed 5330.
  16. yavuzg

    Konami Aliens Missing Sound Samples

    Might want to check my Aliens sound repair log... Konami Aliens Sound Repair My problem turned out to be another Fujitsu logic IC at location F9
  17. yavuzg

    CPS2 A-Board Volume

    I remember if you press the volume down button (and keep pressed) while you power up the system this resets the settings to default. Then your volume controls start to work. This is just a thing I remembered that I read somewhere... Just try it and tell if works for your situation
  18. yavuzg

    Midway Wolf conversions

    I haven't replaced the GAL chip during my hangtime conversion. I guess U57 is sound section related because I once replaced it during a repair that the sound section was not working. Regarding UMK3 to XXX conversion, only the UMK3=>MK3 conversion worked for me. UMK3=> Hangtime, I suffered CMOs...
  19. yavuzg

    Official: CPS1 Multi by Darksoft/Apocalypse - Interest Check Thread

    Any C board? That's great news (at least "news" for me. I may have not noticed if this has been mentioned earlier). Before, I thought it would require a 21 asic (SFII CE/hyper etc). For that I was keeping a spare SF2: CE (temporarily converted to Daimakaimura) and I was considering to let go my...