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  1. waiwainl

    Exa Kit Box Protectors (mid January) Precious Cardboard - Sold Out!

    You mean EXA arcadia? Have they even sold 200 of those poster boxes?
  2. waiwainl

    SOLD: Cave PGM carts - DOJ and Ketsui

    Can you post pictures? I am curious, as far as I know, those 2 games were released as PCB, not as PGM carts
  3. waiwainl

    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    Nice! what monitor you took?
  4. waiwainl

    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    which model?
  5. waiwainl


    Bought 1945 PCB from him. Great guy to communicate with; well packaged. :thumbup:
  6. waiwainl

    Positive Feedback for Undamned!

    Bought a PCB from @undamned - super communication and quick shipment. Great guy :D
  7. waiwainl

    Positive feedback PascalP

    Now I am curious how large those boxes were (control panels are usually not that big) or you have narrow car :D
  8. waiwainl

    Cyvern Conversion

    Thanks @twistedsymphony that makes it clear :thumbsup: So I would need for Cart PCB "ROM" this? : 2x M27C801 6x MX29L3211MC (replace 4, add 2 new ones)
  9. waiwainl

    Cyvern Conversion

    Finally I have a Saru-Kani-Hamu-Zou cartridge, which is a board type of 'ROM', exactly like the one pictured 3 posts above from @AlxUnderBase. Would like to convert it to Cyvern, but I would need a bit of help :) I have checked the reference table by @twistedsymphony (Cyvern Conversion), but...
  10. waiwainl

    IONA-PSX: An Open Source PlayStation 1/2 Controller to JVS solution

    Very cool project! Any idea where one would source the PSX female connector?
  11. waiwainl


    Great work!! Please Add me to the list for 1- Oled based game selector + remote PCB 1 - new S16 jamma adapter ^^
  12. waiwainl

    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    Will there be more batches?
  13. waiwainl

    Espgaluda CAVE (partial kit)

    Pending payment
  14. waiwainl

    Espgaluda CAVE (partial kit)

    Selling this partial kit, no box, to receive some new love elsewhere. Everything is original and is in very good shape. The instruction strip has the usual 'bend' in the middle but is not sharp. Price is € 750 + securely packaged T&T shipping
  15. waiwainl

    s: Brezza Multi Cart from Brizzo

    PM for Sky Smasher
  16. waiwainl

    Nu Sx

    You can play it in the National Videogame Museum in The Netherlands (city: Zoetermeer).
  17. waiwainl

    Jamma shelf solutions

    bubble wrap and hand written sticker on the side, like all Japanese do. Works great.