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  1. Morden

    Weird System 256 issues

    Got a Sys 256 from China two days ago, and for the life of me, I can't figure this thing out. I'm assuming some kind of damage, but it's wildly inconsistent in how it behaves. Here's what's going on: I get seven beeps at startup pretty much every time, then I may or may not get the blue - black...
  2. Morden

    Vendetta 4 Player to 2 Player Conversion

    I have a Vendetta board in the mail and it's the 4 Player version. While there's nothing inherently wring with the game itself, the 4P version doesn't let you pick your character freely. It has the characters assigned to players 1 - 4, which means P1 will always play as Blood, P2 as Hawk, P3 as...
  3. Morden

    Saturday Night Slam Masters - Secret Photo DIP

    Earlier today, Undamned posted a question about a particular setting in the Slam Masters menu. It sets the game mode to "FOR PHOTOGRAPHING". This is most likely a feature implemented for old school screen photography, preventing photo blur. When I saw this, I immediately thought of the freeze...
  4. Morden

    Oedo Fight Bloodshed Conversion

    I have a Oedo Fight board, which is the censored version of the game [no blood, no gore, no fatalities]. I'd like to convert it to the "bloodshed" version, which is ten times more fun because of how ridiculous the gore is. The Western version is called Blood Warrior for a reason. Anyway, the...
  5. Morden

    Monkey Mole Panic - 9 button panel help

    Hello! I have a Monkey Mole Panic board in the mail. It's a whac-a-mole type game, which I always thought was really cute and fun. The problem is, it has a 9 button panel with dome buttons that light up. All I'm getting is the board. I've been trying to find some info on the control panel, but...
  6. Morden

    Vogatek Supergun MK IV

    Ok, so today I picked up my Vogatek MK IV, which got me really excited about dusting off some of the old boards. I don't have a cabinet at the moment, so it's been *a while* since I played any of them. Vogatek Superguns are simple enough. Plug in the board, plug in the SCART, the PC PSU, a...