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  1. 2006Chaos

    NEED HELP, Marvel vs Street Fighter Gray Asia version partial set of original chips for CPS2

    hello, I am wondering if I can get help with this project I'm doing. I got a partial set of original cps2 chips for Marvel vs Street Fighter Gray Asia version from a friend that once had a few arcades but he sold them all and only had this set left from a cps2 project he was doing. he didn't...
  2. 2006Chaos

    Capcom Big Blue Restoration, Need help

    So Some back story on what I have and what is going on, I got 2 Capcom cabinets one is the japanese Q25 candy cab it works no problems its just the 1 player version control panel and i will need to fabricate and weld up a new control panel to make my own 2 player. they got the control panel...
  3. 2006Chaos

    How do I hook up the extra inputs via the 10 pin connector for a Wells-Gardner monitor, model number 13K7886 AKA 13" K7000 series.

    Okay So I tried asking this question years ago on a different arcade forum and never got any real help other then the manual and that was it no answers to any questions that would helped me in understanding what I'm doing. I'm a very slow learner and have learning disables in case anyone thinks...
  4. 2006Chaos

    Atomiswave 2 Naomi not working for me now?

    Ok So I was able to play a lot of the Atomiswave games by netbooting them to my Naomi 1 with a Multi bios and the games would work the only one that is not working good was Fist of the North Star it would crash if I watched the intro to the end, when it would go to black as if it was going to...
  5. 2006Chaos

    Any idea's for a fix or replacement for a Bad Toshiba tmp90ph44n (sp5002-a) chip

    So I got a Sega I/O JVS PCB(838-13683-02) that works with a (SP5002-A) Toshiba tmp90ph44n chip. Well I burned out the chip trying to make a 6 pin JST power plug for the I/O to hook up to my Sega power supply and because the info on the Naomi stuff is very minimal and my skills, I ended up...