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    TTX3 with AM JVS with ringedge game.

    hello, i am trying to get ringedge games to work with the jvs. I manage to launch the games but problem I can not have the control in jvs. Can someone explain to me how to run it's games via the jvs? thank you.
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    MS2933 compatible shangai novel 73SX707Y22 crt?

    hello, I would like to know if the ms2933 chassis would be compatible with a crt which is found in the naomi cabinet the shangai novel 73SX707Y22. Thank you in advance.
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    Switch chassis PB7534 (Windy II) to MS2930?

    HelloWaiting for a hipothetic repair of my PB7534 chassis of my windy II I wanted to know if the MS2930 chassis would be compatible, without changing the Yoke, to know if someone would try.Thank you
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    WTB CPS3 Motherboard

    Hello i search a CPS3 Motherboard working. Thanx for advance.