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    Vewlix screen

    posting here for visibility Was gonna post an update but just hit a snag last night. Need some urgent help before I go shopping for 2x new monitors Moving things around last inside the machine. Had a spark around the power out to the outlet. But from the inside. Now monitors show very...
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    WTB: MvC2 Naomi

    Looking for this jewel ar not ebay prices. Will bundle if necessary. Or a net boot naomi setup. Thanks
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    Vewlix Vs Rebirth

    Thought Id start my own project thread, as I have finally made a deal on here and got a cab on the way. After much lurking and apparently pot stirring, unintentionally, I went with the Vewlix VS. Information about this cab is god awful to find. I understand its just two vewlix cabs together but...
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    Looking for cabs East Coast

    Potentially looking for the following, any preferably East Coast or willing to ship for reasonable. Egret 2 Neo 19 or 25 Blast or Aero Noir MVS4-25 MVS2-13