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    CPS2 Sound Issues

    This is the 3rd kit I've installed and the first two went rather smoothly. But this one is a bit of a headscratcher. As with the last two had a few bent pins, but bent them back. Its a revision 4 with an installed G-Pal, so installed the jumper from cn5 p13 to pin 9 of the Pal on the solder...
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    Konami GX Conversions?

    I have a Lethal Enforcers 2 board which I never use in my gun cabinet. Can Konami GX games be converted? Most of the games of interest (Salamander 2, Sexy Parodius) use the same type 2 sub board. Any knowledge out there on these. I asked Jeeves but he didn't find any info about it on the world...
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    Nanao 2930 15khz issue

    I have a Nanao 2930 in on one of my Blast Cities. After the monitor warms up for 5-10 minutes in 15khz, it appears that the vertical lines start getting all squiggly. I am not sure how to describe it, so pictures of the test pattern below. I tried in 31khz and dont seem to get the issue. Never...
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    Mame for Taito Type X2 on Niko's v1.4 multi

    Hi all, @Dreygor and I have been going back and forth for the past week and a half on how to easily run MAME games from Niko's Multi v1.4 and I thought I would share the methods and scripts for anyone who may be interested in trying it out. As a disclaimer I am not a programmer, but thought...
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    SOLVED: BlazBlue CS2 I/O error on Multi

    Hi all, I just setup a Taito X2 using Niko's awesome multi, everything is working with the exception of BlazBlue CS2. I get an I/O error when it launches. I am using a Capcom I/O v2 per the information screen on the main menu. Any tips on this would be appreciated
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    CPS2 Multi Pre Orders Closed?

    I recommended that a friend of mine pre-order the CPS2 multi. Looks like saveyourgames stopped taking pre-orders. Any other place to try?
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    (SOLVED) CPS2 Multi - Game flashes and freezes need to power cycle

    Hi all Hoping for a little help. I just installed the CPS2 Multi for a friend of mine and after running into a few issues. Turned out firmly seating the kit and a bad G pal I got it running. The issue that remains is that when I switch games, It loads but stays on a frozen screen of garbled...