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    Vertical hold issue: MVS1FS and Weiya

    I've tried 2 different MVS1FS boards but each time I plug in the board I have to adjust the vertical hold and it keeps scrolling and is very finicky. When I use my CPS2 games I don't have any issues. Any suggestions? thanks.
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    SOLD CRT Chassis Nanao MS9-29 and TOEI TC-HV18LM1S

    These are untested. I pulled from working machine, other I bought from YAJ. Nanao MS9-29 - $90 + shipping Toei TC-HV18LM1S - This is different from TC-HV18LM $60 + shipping
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    SOLD: Candy Cab Starter Kit :) Mini cute, mini cute shell, neo candy, and capcom impress

    Hi guys, I'm trying to get a ballpark/fair figure for all this: Capcom Impress (weiya monitor) system is cleaned completely. Have marquee holder as well (NIB Repro). Just haven't fabricated a holder bar to attach. Yellow Mini cute - Nanao CRT on it. only issue is pots on chassis need to be...
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    Help me identify this connector?

    I'm looking to test some additional CRTs on my mini cute. Wondering if anyone knows where I can get some of these connectors? thanks, Solmin
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    FS: Gunforce M92 $130[SOLD], Raiden II DX $215 [SOLD], Gunbird-$90[SOLD] shipped in CONUS

    Gunforce - great condition. Final markdown before it goes back into Abyss. [SOLD] Raiden II DX - great music here is video of the music. [SOLD] ADDED: Gunbird [slight glitch with graphics] $90...
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    Wanted: Egret 29

    Anyone have one for sale or trade? I'm interested in acquiring one. thanks!
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    Simpsons Bad ram rom 12c error help?

    I picked up a simpsons recently and booted it up and got an error message, bad ram rom on 12c. I read that the er5911 probably needs to be replaced. It was sold as working, is it possible it's just a cold solder? Here's a video of what I'm seeing: thanks guys.
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    Trying to burning mask roms for first time. using GQ-4x4 getting write failed

    Hi guys, I'm trying to replace mask roms on a phoenixed AVP. I downloaded the mame files and found the two files I want to burn. I confirmed the chip is showing up blank. I picked up M27c4002's. I set the device and keep getting write failed over and over on the buffer. I have tried different...
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    FS: CPS2 AvP $250 shipped in US. Phoenixed version.

    Japanese Version. In blue case. Reviewed it further and adding some pictures. Adjusting price to 250. Looks like a phoenix version that has the battery removed. This is for the b board only. If you are intersted in an a board with it I can include it for a little extra.
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    Help identifying this holder

    Found this in my garage. Has no label on it and I can't remember. This looks to be NOS. Can anyone help identify which cab this goes to? thanks, Solmin
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    FS: MakVision Wei-Ya Tri Sync 27"/29" NIB $400 C3129DHSS

    Another item sitting in my garage taking up space. Prefer local pick up but if you want to coordinate shipping let me know. Paypal + fees unless FF. thanks, :)
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    FS: IREM Madonna SOLD

    Has original monitor in it. NANAO 26 .Monitor works. Cab needs cleaning and has dings and some holes somene drilled into it. I bought it awhile back with intention of cleaning it up but I just haven't had time and motivation. Included will be original control panel. It was rusted a bit and I...
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    SF2 Flyer, anyone know where this came from?

    I think it was a magazine insert.Found it among some other Capcom stuff.
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    FS: TOEI CRT Chassis TC-HV18LM

    Bought this awhile back. Looks to be in great condition. Asking $80 + shipping.
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    Listing for a friend. Prices do not include shipping. Vampire Savior - $150 SFA3 - $200 DnD: Tower of Doom - $150 Super Street Fighter 2 - $200 Marvel vs Street Fighter - $100 Shipping via UPS ground usually like $10 in US.
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    FT: 48cm Taito stools, LF 43cm Taito stools

    I have a pair of 48cm Taito stools brand new from the Spring Rancor order. I'm looking for a pair of 43cm Taito stools.
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    FS: Black Tiger Original $200 shipped CONUS

    Original, working Black Tiger. $200 shipped. PayPal FandF or +4%. thanks.
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    16B Shinobi questions: 2 boards

    I have 2 Shinobi boards both are 16B. One works 100% which but the other one had a memory failure on A5 and A7. When I took a look at it, it had very different layout of chips. Is this a common thing or is this just missing data?
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    FS: PCBs - Original Kung Fu Master(IREM M62) , Bad Dudes - Tested, memory issue

    Kung Fu Master - M62 IREM board w/harness $80 shipped in US or 75 + international shipping. Game plays but there is some kind of memory error. Colors get messed up once you move past starting point on each level. Can include mounting metal plate(extra 5 bucks for shipping)...
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    Capcom Impress Marquee measurements

    I'm working on getting a replacement marquee made. Anyone have drawing file of the marquee or one they can compare with what I have found so far? thanks!