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    Sega system SP security pic

    Doe anyone know how to program an SP security pic? I tried the mame dump for tetris Giant on a PIC16F628A with the same settings as the naomi zero pics. Also tried both the naomi zero pics, none of them work :?:
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    Which type connector is this?

    Click me This connector is in my Desert Tank Control panel. I want to make a loom to connect a shifter to play Daytona, but I can't find which type connector this is ?(
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    Wyvern Wings repair log

    Board didn’t boot, what I normally do on boards with a lot of smd chips is flexing the board to see if something happens on screen. It started right up with pressure at the right place, so some chips need to be reflowed. Narrowed down the fault to the cram chips or the cpu. Reflowing the cpu...
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    FS: Pcb's, system 246 games.

    I have the following pcb's for sale: -Roller Aces, original kaneko pcb, with jamma adapter 35 euros SOLD -Pit Fighter, original Atari pcb, with ripped marquee if you want it 30 euros -Road Riot, original Atari pcb...
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    World Rally 2 help needed

    I have a suicided World rally 2 board. I already fixed a suicided World Rally 1 so I know how to connect to the Dallas bootloader, but it's not working on the World rally 2 pcb. Tried it on three WR2 pcb's and none of them will connect. Even Swapped a known working Dallas chip from a WR1 and...
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    Gaelco Snowboard Championship repair log.

    This one had no sync signal. Traced the sync signal to the ls132 @ ic4, the output was dead, but the input was pulsing happily. Replaced the chip and the sync signal is back, quick and easy fix :thumbup:
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    WTB: Quasar sound board

    Found an Atomiswave Ranger Mission cartridge :) Still looking for a Quasar sound board.
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    FS: Namco system 246 games

    All games come in blue ps2 cases without inserts. -Tekken 4 with copied art, 50 euros. -Mobile Suit Gundam seed destiny: Rengou vs. ZAFT 2, 25 euros -Mobile Suit Gundam Z: AEUG vs Titans, 25 euros. Worldwide shipping, Paypal or bank transfer accepted. I also have a dvd rom drive to go with...
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    Konami Jurassic Park 3 repair log

    This one had the infamous rtc error. The chip was already socketed,so that was a plus. I don't put new rtc chips in these boards,I ordered a couple in the past and they turned out to be NOS, so the batteries were already dead or lasted about a month... Instead, I heat up the old chip with my...
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    Traverse usa/zippy race repair log

    Got this board as unknown in a bag.... three seperate boards which looked like a moon patrol bootleg with the sound and top board combined into one. Started to check the roms with romident, but none of them checked out. All 10 Mitshitbishi 2764 roms were bad. Luckily, one had survived, the sound...
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    Seibu Wiz repair log

    This one had letters all over the screen and a garbled wizard that only was on the very bottom of the screen. Started with my usual habit of shorting ic pins and flexing the board. When shorting pins on the 2114 rams@ ic9, 10 and 11 on the bottom board, I noticed the letters all over the screen...
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    Naomi 2 repair log

    This Naomi 2 mobo had a checkerboard screen and ran very slow. Did the ram test and it hangs at IC9, this is a pc 100 ram chip also found on pc memory strips. Went to my local dirty, smokey pc shop to dig through their boxes of old memory and didn't find the right rams... So I ordered 5 from...
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    eprom programmer

    looking for a good, reliable usb programmer. I have a Wellon VP 280 wich I loved, but I screwed it up myself. So if anyone has one of these for sale, let me know. Got a Top 3000 last month and it already crapped out today, so I'm a bit fed up with the chinese programmers. Which programmers do...
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    Konami Gi Joe repair log

    This pcb was missing the 054986A module and had the sound ram @2D and the sound rom @7C socketed. The Z80 and the ram @ 6C had been replaced and the 054539 was reflowed. So I was expecting sound circuit problems ^^ Ordered a 054986A repro from Caius and after fitting it, the game reported...
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    Gaelco touch and Go repair log

    This pcb was missing the progam roms, so checked the battery and it was dead off course. Burnt the korean roms and removed the battery. After that the game played, but only red colour and no sync. Traced the sync signal back to a bad output on the LS367 @ IC9. There were some burnt components...
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    WTB: Konami 054986A chip

    Looking for a 054986A audio hybrid, anyone has one on a parts board?
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    WTB: Galivan: Cosmo Police

    Looking for a Galivan: Cosmo Police pcb Boot or original, working or not working, clean or filthy, it doesn't matter. 8)
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    Hi, I'm Arnold from the Netherlands. Long time arcade geek ^^ My current cabs are a chopped Naomi cab with jvs and jamma wiring, a generic jamma woody, a Meteor pin and a Marilyn Monroe pachinko. What brings me here are the nice multicarts you guys make 8)