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  1. zetsurin

    SFX4000: WIP PCB to adapt an SFX power supply to fit inside the NVS4000

    Just to follow up on this, my board is fully assembled. Adds -5v via the negatron which you normally won’t get with the nvs4000. Now i can run fussy boards like mortal kombat with no tuning required. From the outside you would be none the wiser. Its s niche use case but one i was personally...
  2. zetsurin

    SFX4000: WIP PCB to adapt an SFX power supply to fit inside the NVS4000

    HI all, This is my first foray into PCBs and using KiCad, but I have made up a PCB designed to fit inside the NVS 4000 enclosure allowing the aging power supply to be replaced by a new SFX power supply, while retaining the original appearance. I was driven to this after recapping a PSU only to...
  3. zetsurin

    WTB Sega New Astro City 400-5261

    Hi all, i am looking for one or two or these sega 400-5261 PSUs, as per the pic below. Would potentially consider non working ones also.
  4. zetsurin

    Jamma Fingerboards

    Thanks so much for not just updating but also providing two options @Frank_fjs. Just awesome. Will get some made up!
  5. zetsurin

    Jamma Fingerboards

    This is awesome, thanks for sharing. Just wondering, is there space in the sides for mounting holes or would that introduce some sort of problem?
  6. zetsurin

    Vewlix F Restoration COMPLETE!

    oh i thought you meant the monitor fans. Those are the ones i want to replace. I’m getting an error notification on the monitor because of my fans, even though i can hear them both spinning
  7. zetsurin

    Vewlix F Restoration COMPLETE!

    I was thinking of doing this with my F, but wasn't sure any Noctua fans would work as the stock fans are 24v ones. Which model Noctua fans did you use?
  8. zetsurin

    Tekken 7 FR - How to link?

    I made a basic Tekken 7 multi. Just hope Round 2 releases soon and life will be complete. For those who have PM'd me, I do plan to release this eventually. I've basically patched out the dongle protection from the game code, with some other tweaks here and there to make it possible. My goal...
  9. zetsurin

    Noir cab - Audio and Video assistance

    Yes for sure I plan to scan this in. Just need to get my hands on a flatbed scanner. Its in Japanese, but I can translate any part of it as needed.
  10. zetsurin

    Vewlix Side Decal Artwork (for all models from F to SFV CE version)

    These are awesome, thanks for sharing. Anyone in Australia happen to know a good place who can make decals up? Would love to respray my yellowed F panels.
  11. zetsurin

    REPRO SEGA, SNK and TAITO Panels

    Those pics look amazing. Great work. Would be keen for a Namco Noir 2p panel if you were able to do those. I also echo Nem's comment above. I just received a brand new 2p vewlix f panel from taito and it looks nowhere near as good as my 1p panel. Looks like they don't include a reflective...
  12. zetsurin

    Noir Cabinet (any one know how to convert from 100v to 120 input side on the transformer?

    I have an Australian Noir which is a big mother step down inside which takes in 240v. I can try to find details on what model it is and how it is wired up if you like. I also have the full Noir manual and can look to see if it is references on that as well.
  13. zetsurin

    Tekken 7 FR - How to link?

    Will do. Hey when you go into the versus screen, do you ever see a list of the other plays in that middle list? Was wondering what the experience looks like when paired exactly. For example, when on character select, do you get to see the character selection your opponent is also making? I...
  14. zetsurin

    Tekken 7 FR - How to link?

    Thanks EYEDOL, actually i forgot to mention regarding “If both pcbs aren't the same game version it wont work“ my units are both FR but slightly different revisions T07 vs U03. So that appears to be my problem. Might be time for me to sacrifice one unit by trying to hack it via the firewire...
  15. zetsurin

    Tekken 7 FR - How to link?

    Question for those who have the versus option (on the left) available: have you actually gotten it to work against another system? I have my two Tekken 7 systems up and running with the 192.168.138.* ip ranges setup and it allows me to go in there, but the other player won't show on each...
  16. zetsurin

    Noir cab - Audio and Video assistance

    I had an issue of no sound with my noir and it turned out to be an issue with my vs-connect PCB. I replaced it with a new std-connect PCB and I get sound fine now. I am only running system 357/369/ES3x systems in my noir though. Possibly not the same issue as yours though, hard to be sure...
  17. zetsurin

    TTX-TTX2 HDD Game Cover for SSD HDD ( Metal )

    Awesome work with these! I’m quite a bit late on the scene here, but to clarify the item you have at is for the TTX2, is that correct? I ask because i have a TTX which is missing the flat hdd mounting plat altogether. You...
  18. zetsurin

    Sega Model 3 (Blast, NVS4000, etc) no JAMMA sound / buzzing fix

    I wired mine to AF+ and AF-. Doing it this way your have the flexibility of using audio in for stereo line level JVS inputs, but please do note the limitations described by the OP where you need to be careful to avoid feeding both line level JVS and speaker level JAMMA in at the same time as it...
  19. zetsurin

    Vewlix Console I/O - Connect Brook fighting boards directly to your Vewlix.

    Damn missed the ordering window T_T