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  1. FrancoB

    Type X - No video

    I bought a Type X multi system a few years back. I can remember testing it when I got it and it worked and I can remember seeing a games list on screen. I've had it packed away since then and I've just come to test it and I can't seem to get any life out of the thing. Am I right in thinking...
  2. FrancoB

    [FS] Time Soldiers

    Time Soldiers - £80 - Open to offers. Repairs front & back Price does not include shipping. Payment by PPG or bank transfer.
  3. FrancoB

    Parts clear out

    Prices do not include shipping. Payment by Paypal Gift or Bank Transfer. Net DIMM - 256MB - 4.02 Firmware - £140 837-14572 [JVS I/O Control Board Type 3] - £70 400-5457-01-91 [SW Regulator ATX/JVS Auto - Lindbergh] - £80 Sega JVS Gun IO - FAULTY! - £10 Uncased Naomi 1...
  4. FrancoB

    MAME PC Enclosure

    I bought a [pre-configured MAME PC] from 2huwman recently. It's a great little system and I wanted to mount it to something to protect it a little so I decided to make an enclosure for it. This is the PC: Finished enclosure: 4mm routered, drilled, tapped and polished acrylic...
  5. FrancoB

    NLA: JAMMA Passthough 5v Voltmeters

    All sold. Thanks. Currently unavailable with no plans to make For Sale: JAMMA Passthough 5v Voltmeters Two versions available 1) 'Vanilla' 5v passthrough - £12 Blue LED, 0.01v resolution 2) 5v passthrough with added buttons. Choose from: Coin, Test, Service. £2 addition per button. £18...
  6. FrancoB

    SOLD: Vewlix Bare 2L14B CP

    Vewlix bare 2l14B panel - Part no E3102171A Kindly donated by @Derick2k Brand new, only been handled for modelling. Price £75 + Shipping. All £££ towards Cancer Research
  7. FrancoB

    Sega Mini Cab Conversions

    A loooong while ago, circa 2013, I started to convert some Sega Love and Berry and Dinoking cabs. I had to put the project on hold for a few years for various reasons but I'm really happy to say I've just started to get back to work on them :) I figured they deserved a place here so I'm going...
  8. FrancoB

    Console > Cab setup (using Viletim SCART > JAMMA)

    I've been rehosting some project photos (thanks alot Photofuckit!) and figured some of this stuff deserved a place here so I thought I would post it here at the same time :) Original post below was from 2014. A long time ago, i, Mike (Iremfan) put a post up on J+ asking for some help with...
  9. FrancoB

    F3 Multi Background GFX Fault

    My F3 Multi setup seems to have developed a fault. When I first received the unit it seemed to work fine, although to be honest I only tried a couple of games. I then used it again a few weeks later and played a couple of horizontal games. FFW to Sunday and I thought I would try Bubble Bobble 2...
  10. FrancoB

    Arcade Parts/Projects CAD file Repository - Added marquee holders

    I thought I would start a thread to post some links to some CAD files I've created for various things. If you have anything else you feel belongs here please feel to post and I'll update the top post. Hopefully these files will be of use in case you want to get your own panels/parts cut or if...
  11. FrancoB

    Powerstone + RF2 Naomi/Blast Marquees

    Spectre jobbies. No longer required as I don't have a Naomi anymore. Powerstone - SOLD RF2 £10 + shipping.
  12. FrancoB

    Jaleco Pony Mark II 19 / Mark III 25 Coin Entry ?

    I've got a Jaleco Ponk Mk3 25 and I'm going to make myself a new panel for it. One thing I could do with is a new coin entry to save swapping it over between panels. Is this something that could be printed? Here's looking at you twistedsymphony :D I can see if I can make a STP or STL model...
  13. FrancoB

    Taito F3 Multigame Cart Case

    Edit: This is no longer a 'interest check' thread for pre-orders. as I'm just going to be doing the design work for these and then I'll be releasing the files so you can get your own cases laser cut at Razorlab/Pokono or the vendor of your choice. I'm doing this because: I can release...
  14. FrancoB

    FS: Various parts

    Getting rid of a few excess things. Prices + shipping at cost. 360 degree wheels and pedals - £65 or £45 for just the wheels ID dash plastic - £10 Sega 1L5B looms with terminals for spade type microswitched joysticks - £15 the pair LS-30 joystick - no top and soldered loom. £10...
  15. FrancoB

    WTB: NTSC-U PS One - SCPH-101

    I'm looking for a clean working NTSC-U PS one console with cables and a controller. I believe the US model# is SCPH-101. A game for testing would be nice but not strictly necessary. I'm in the UK so it would need shipping here. Let me know if you have anything suitable either here or by PM...
  16. FrancoB

    Toggle to momentary?

    One of my favourite games is Metal Stoker on the PCE. I like to play this on my cabs but the one thing that annoys be is the gun turret aiming is locked by pressing a button rather than holding a button down kinda a'la Under Defeat. I've been trying to think of a way to change it so that the...
  17. FrancoB

    Mitsurugi-w sound wire polarity

    I've just updated a mates STV cart for him and I've installed his Mitsurugi-w audio kit for him at the same time. One side of the cable is green and the other side is brown and has a black sharpie mark on it. Which side connects to the cart?
  18. FrancoB

    Marquee holders / Sega CPs 1L6B - Tekken 1L4B

    Having a bit of a clear out and found a couple of my repro marquee holders. SN29 - £60 Capcom Cute - Couple of tiny marks on it - £20 Photos available on request Sega licenced 1L6B Sega fit Astro panel - Seimitsu LS-56 and Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons - £130 Tekken 6 1L4B Sega fit panel -...
  19. FrancoB

    Added D&D games, 'Operation Failed'?--SOLVED (post 3)

    I've just downloaded the D&D Avalaunch Decrypted ROMs - Intermediate Update packs from the links in the sticky at the top of the sub forum but I can't get them to flash. I've dropped them onto the MicroSD card in the right location but when I select them the unit tries to flash for a second but...
  20. FrancoB

    Greetings arcadelings!

    Hey all! Thought I would stop by and say hi. :) A lot of you may know me from various places already but here's a little about me for those who don't. I've always love gaming and arcade machines since I saw a Space Invaders cocktail cabinet in a hotel in Blackpool when I was about five or...