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  1. Ravepants

    Factory mod or something else?

    Hi Peeps, Whilst taking apart my atomiswave for cleaning I noticed what looks like a mod on the board, not sure if this is factory (looks way too amateur for that) or something else? It came from China, so I was guessing maybe it was some sort of region mod, but I really don't know,any ideas...
  2. Ravepants

    VGA to CRT nanao ms9

    Hi All, I recently acquired a Net City cab and wanted to put my Naomi in there, but i don't think it has the original CRT? As far as my research tells me the Net city should have a Tri sync 15/24/31 chasis, but mine does not appear to do 31khz, only 15/24 , as they are the only 2 frequencies...
  3. Ravepants

    Hello from the UK

    Hi all, I'm Rave from the UK. Not new to the forum, (long time lurker) but this is my 2nd post! I have a fair console collection, but got bitten by the arcade cab bug a year or so back, and have built my first JAMMA cab from an old FOBT cabinet. it's 6 button affair, nothing special, but I...