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  1. Rtl

    Fs nba on nbc showtime/nfl blitz 2000 pcb combo

    Hey guys This is a fully working Vegas pcb nba nfl set on hdd working $550 usd shipped worldwide
  2. Rtl

    System 246 and 256 MB’s plus 6 games fs

    Hey guys I’ve got a big lot of system 246-256 motherboard and game lots here Working system 246 mb comes with Namco I/o Working system 256 mb comes with Namco I/o 1 system 246 video problems 246 mb 1 system 256 Won’t display a picture mb So 4 motherboards all together All working games Original...
  3. Rtl

    FS Namco system 256 mb plus multi dongle

    Hey guys Have a working system 256 with the cd drive working and the multi dongle to run all ISO’s Looking for $500 usd plus shipping
  4. Rtl

    Tekken tag tournament 2 unlimited system 357 for sale

    Hey guys I’ve got a working tekken tag 2 unlimited with a fixed hdd meaning it won’t run out of credits or need to talk back to base via a network. So free play all day :-) $500usd plus shipping I am in Australia btw
  5. Rtl

    Price check tekken tag tournament 2 unlimited

    Hey guys I’ve got a Namco system 357 with ttt2u the cracked version installed What’s this worth before I sell it?
  6. Rtl

    Namco system 256 tekken 5 Dr fault

    Hey guys I’ve got a working tekken5 dark res disc and dongle that works boots up plays but I can’t credit or use any buttons or sticks.. I Put in tekken 5.1 disc and dongle and it all works fine Has anyone had this happen Dark red just plays the intro over and over and I can’t do anything
  7. Rtl

    WTB dark soft multi neo geo cart

    Hey guys I am in Australia chasing a multi dark soft neo cart if anyone has one they want to move on
  8. Rtl

    Sega terraonion mega sd

    Hey guys I am checking in to see if anyone has one they want to let go Thanks
  9. Rtl

    Marvel vs Capcom 2 zback

    This is a 3koam zback usually a sf2 ce dedicated cab. The shell I completely stripped back and sanded primed and painted black Had a 27” commercial LCD lying around new decided to put in my sega Naomi setup and run a scan line Convertor in it. Decided why not turn it into a dedicated mvc2 and...
  10. Rtl

    Nintendo Super System Arcade restoration

    Hey guys, Thought i would show off what i am working on at present... I am in Melbourne Australia so this is pretty rare in my country I bought a NSS that was converted to a Area 51 It was pretty straight apart from the gun holes on the front side so the fun part begins The restoration I...
  11. Rtl

    Wtb tekken 5 dark resurrection w/system 256

    Hi guys I am chasing a Namco system 256 mb with tekken 5 dr dongle and disc Cheers
  12. Rtl

    Hello from Vic Australia

    Hey guys, Found this site as I've bought product from dark soft in the past. Awesome effort guys.. I am an avid arcade pcb and cabinet collector have multiple cabinets most dedicated I have four ssf2tb boards that I am linking and having a tourney here in Oz Will link the video here once it's...