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  1. -K-2-

    Dodonpachi Campaign Ver.

    This is hyper impressive!! Wish I could help. Keep it up!
  2. -K-2-

    Neo25 Neo29 Marquee topper panel

    Not sure its been years since I had it disassembled. Wont be home to check for a couple days. This is my machine just to clarify we are talking same topper.
  3. -K-2-

    Neo25 Neo29 Marquee topper panel

    The other topper is still rad I think. I put the arts in there from mvs kits. Not an illuminated mini marquee but if you get creative with it I think it looks solid.
  4. -K-2-

    Hello from eastern Mass

    Hi all, Ive been on other forums in the past and had some good times. Currently have a few candy cabs, a Big Red and Big Blue. Also have 4 Japanese superguns. Love working on and playing the games. Hoping to contribute where I can. Cheers, K2