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    Sega System 1 Multi

    Hello very nice ! i'm in for Z80 PIO one !
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    Interest evaluation: cps1 mult crystal and/or audio merge kit

    Any future addition it would be great if they are compatible with available cases like jasen's, he made lot of effort to make things perfectly fit
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    FS [WTB] MS2932 neckboard

    please check your dm
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    FS [WTB] MS2932 neckboard

    Hello, I'm willing to buy a MS2932 neckboard or a en entire chassis for spare parts and repair to try fo fix mine by comparison. Cheers
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    Atomiswave Multi

    Great times !
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    APOCALYPSE Sega System 18 Official Sales and Wait List

    Received mine up and running thanks a lot !
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    Recalbox RGB JAMMA: new JAMMA adapter for Raspberry Pi 4/3/400!

    @Recalbox do you intend to make the same thing for JVS-NUC cabinets with 2x scaling+scanlines options ?
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    WTB Net City/New Net City/Naomi parts

    You can find the same base in europe with this model too for naomis. The second version, more cubic and with 2 vents instead of 3 was made in uk in latest revisions to cut costs
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    Convergence Strips question

    Here's what I learned about convergence. First rule : Give yourself a good documentation before preparing to spend weeks of trial and error to get something better than what you can achieve with strips. Second rule : mark eveyry magnet and ring with a sharpie to restore original position and...
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    WTB Mimo Genius II

    considering the price of the mimo genius and compared to the gbs-c and the fact that the first one it adds 2 frames of lag i'd just try the gbs-c as it's mostly available and see if something bothers me here's a topic about it : View: hope you find...
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    WTB Mimo Genius II

    hi, if it's for downscaling, you can have a look at the gbs aio which looks like a good alternative for that purpose
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    Toshiba Pure Flat D29C051 Questions

    Thank you ! Glad you managed to solve it. I finally found the missing magnet stuck somewhere in the coil and glued it back
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    Toshiba Pure Flat D29C051 Questions

    Hello did you manage to find a workaround for the missing magnet ? I've just received a yoke with same problem
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    Naomi Pi 'WiPi Netbooter' - compatible with Pi 3&4

    Hey Chunksin I'm trying to manage 2 netdimm yoko and tate but I can't send osm to both in server mode at the same time. Is it possible to settle them to load osm on each power on ? EDIT : ok got it, osm replay mode doesn't need to set server mode for osm as default. It replays on each reboot anyway
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    Naomi Pi 'WiPi Netbooter' - compatible with Pi 3&4

    I can't find it, is it supposed to be in the games list ? EDIT: I needed an update thanks!
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    Naomi Pi 'WiPi Netbooter' - compatible with Pi 3&4

    Hi Chunksin, I'd like to add Dragonminded Naomidiag.bin tool to the games list, how can I do this ? Thanks
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    Sega18 OLED selector

    dude you deserve your own section
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    question : toshiba monitor pd1843

    yeah found it, thanks ! is there any measure to respect or things to care about when turning it ?
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    Positive feedback nem

    @nem 's help was valuable to me with monitor issues !