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  1. penrhos

    A Freeware Taito TypeX Multigame

    Fixed one problem - looks like the drive was corrupt - re-downloaded it and now only Tetris doesn't work... Still can't get atiflash to recognise the TXX original card or the Connect 3D 9600SE.
  2. penrhos

    A Freeware Taito TypeX Multigame

    I've tried forcing the bios to boot using onboard video and not AGP and tried different adapter numbers but no joy. Have re-downloaded the image and used Hdd guru rawcopy to write it to an ide drive to check if my drive was corrupt. Pity there's not a hidden option on the menu for "command...
  3. penrhos

    A Freeware Taito TypeX Multigame

    I'm getting a weird error - menu launches ok, I select a game and I just get a black screen with the game playing blind, tried it in two different Type-X's I'm sure it worked fine in my old one.. I thought it might be the video card so downloaded atiflash & 9600SE bios and tried flashing a...
  4. penrhos

    DARKSOFT New CPSIII Ultra Simms! 8 times the size of a regular SIMM

    I skip the forum for a few weeks and all hell breaks loose - I've got 2 empty CPS3 PCB's and 2 dead security carts. Pretty sure I'll be in for one set.
  5. penrhos

    Post your 3D print ideas....

    Type-x Zero hard disk cover - they're like rocking horse poo to find.
  6. penrhos

    Interest Check: Darksoft Naomi Multi Flash Cart- Unofficial

    But you still have the same problem that the dimm board is unreliable if you power the Naomi from either the Capcom or Sega V2 JAMMA->JVS adapters. However : If you're saying a multi could be made using an PATA HDD then it should also be possible to make one to run from a large CF-Card using...
  7. penrhos

    Taito type x zero nesica games

    Exactly - I swapped the bios chip for the OEM one and the performance was pathetic, I could just about run libraelec/kodi on it but it wasn't great. Biggest problem is getting the hard drive caddies - I managed to pickup a zero with the caddy last month so will be asking around to see if it can...
  8. penrhos

    Taito Type X2 Upgrades and Mods

    Just dug through a pile of X2's in the garage and spotted one is cyberdiver All my other X2's are P4 3.4Ghz + 2Gb ram + 7900GS. This one is C2D 2.13Ghz + 2Gb ram + 9800GT. Would my best option be to swap the videocard for a 7900GS and what CPU is going to work best for V2.0 multi + MAME. Do...
  9. penrhos

    Interest Check: Darksoft Naomi Multi Flash Cart- Unofficial

    Hell yeah - especially if it'll run with the capcom or Sega V2 jamma->jvs adapters. I'm rocking a pair of official Sega CF-card readers at the moment and a big box of industrial CF-cards I got for free! Netbooting sucks big hairy balls.
  10. penrhos

    manual/pinouts required for Sega PCB 837-15083

    Found this in the bottom of a box of Sega JVS PCB's - can't find any info on google, looks like some kind of JVS PCB only markings on it are the ones for the ports and the part number "837-15083" I'm sure it was in the box with some V3 JVS PCB's I bought as a job lot. I have the 60-pin...
  11. penrhos

    Faulty TTX motherboard. Can we fix it - Yes we can!

    Yeah the 915 was the best £90 I've spent in a long time. I've already used it to remove the PPU from a NES to do an RGB mod and I've got a couple of other projects I'd been putting off due to the amount of desoldering required. It'll be getting some use this weekend as I want to complete a few...
  12. penrhos

    Faulty TTX motherboard. Can we fix it - Yes we can!

    Picked up another of these dead Type-X's - this one wouldn't post at all. On close inspection the same set of caps were blown but this one was far worse, the four caps next to the voltage regulators were blown as were the ones by the memory slots and the two between the PCI slots, in total...
  13. penrhos

    Taito Vewlix JVS IO

    Anyone got the manual or pinouts for "K91X1245A - J9100641A"? ASFAIK : the button loom "G1" connects into the edge connector and the USB cable to the TTX2 plugs into the USB port - does the card reader plug into the smaller USB port? the only picture I can find or one of this type of io...
  14. penrhos

    G-net vs Zn-2 motherboard compatibility

    Nope - never managed to get past the blue screen and error code when trying to use a G-net top pcb on a capcom base or a TGM top pcb on a Taito base. both were ZN2 base pcb's. I did get TGM working on another Capcom ZN2 base board though so that's an option.
  15. penrhos

    Brand New Taito Type X+ w/ U-JVS + Half Life 2

    could those JVS cards be adapted to work in a Vewlix instead of the PCB that fits inside the control panel? I've got a fastio Diamond Black and one of these PCB's and wondered if it was an option?
  16. penrhos

    Taito G-Net Motherboard Revision for Modbios

    I've had no issues with any of the G-Net PCB's I've bought - the most desirable one has the piggyback PCB with long capacitors on (high score save pcb). There's also a network card add-on. Test it works properly first and make sure you have +5V set correctly, they're a bit fragile voltage wise...
  17. penrhos

    Brand New Taito Type X+ w/ U-JVS + Half Life 2

    I could do with the wiring diagram for the JVS PCB to see if it can be adapted to a normal Vewlix (mine only has FastIO).
  18. penrhos

    (SEGA SYSTEM SP HARDWARE) Giant Tetris - possible to run this game on naomi hardware?

    Without the giant screen and sticks you might as well run Naomi Tetris. I've got a DinoKing SP motherboard so I'd be interested if this could be done...
  19. penrhos

    Type x3 nessica live offline

    I've got a couple of spare RFID readers for X3 lying around (one's listed on with a fastio pcb) - that'll solve one error.... I'm almost in the same boat - I have an original USF4 drive & dongle + a P&D TTX3 and need to get it working....
  20. penrhos

    Interest Check: Darksoft Naomi Multi Flash Cart- Unofficial

    but will it run on a Capcom/Sega V2 JAMMA-JVS converter or is the power-draw still too high?