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    FS Taito Vewlix Repro Marquee Lights - Pre-Orders (CLOSED)

    I'd be down for 2 of these kits if offered again.
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    WTB EEFL lamp for Vewlix FC control panel.

    Can you share more details on this kit?
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    Capcom "Forgotten Worlds' Spinner Repro by Hursit Official Interest Check Poll

    I'd be interested in a pair of spinners, but ideally a complete panel for use in a Vewlix would be my preference.
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    FOUND Taito Vewlix in central California

    These would be your best bet, with my preference of talking with Cereth first.
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    FOUND Vampire night gun and CCD camera setup

    Didn't Crisis Zone also use a camera setup? If so, I think I have a Crisis Zone gun in storage.
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    FS FS:Sega Model 2/3, Chihiro, Alls, Dariusburst, Taito X4, Sega Power Supplies, GPUs

    I may have a set of cables to hook up a Model 3 pcb to a Blast City. But their are cables/adapters available for Jamma cabs as well. Unfortunately I don’t have any.
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    I think I have 2 units. By complete, do you mean with the blue bezel as well? I'll send you a PM, I'm in California as well.
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    WTB vewlix

    @kcarcadegame is your man. In your neighborhood too
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    FOUND Sega Lindbergh Yellow + Power Supply

    I have Lindbergh power supplies and I/O boards available. I’ll send you a PM
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    WTB Taito Fast I/O K91X1252A or K91X1204B

    I have the Fast I/O. Not sure what they’re going for:
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    WTB Vewlix shipping brackets for control panel

    Thank you @Battlesmurf for looking into this.
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    WTB Vewlix shipping brackets for control panel

    Yeah, that's a bit too high for me unfortunately.
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    An improved JVS-PAC (JVS-PAC 2)

    @mattsoft has one for sale here:
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    WTB WTB- Naomi 2 mobo, naomi/chihiro I/O, namco 256 I/O

    Let me send you a PM, I think I have most of what you're looking for.
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    WTB Vewlix shipping brackets for control panel

    I/O plate? More info please.