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  1. LHantz

    Knights of The Round De-Suicide with CPS1-Multi?

    Good to know, I always assumed no keys were used/needed with the Multi! I also have a KOTR that has suicided so I'll give it a go. Apologies for the wrong info!
  2. LHantz

    FS Ninja Warriors Again SFC Cart

    Have a Ninja Warriors Again SFC Cart for sale, in very good condition £70 Posted UK. Euro/US add £10 post, PP F&F, thanks.
  3. LHantz

    Has anyone seen a Capcom 1942 PCB that looks like this?

    I have a 1942 that looks the same, figured it was legit as it seems factory. Vulgus makes sense, I can check with my own
  4. LHantz

    FS Capcom CPS1 for sale

    I can do a good deal for everything, just PM me and make an offer thanks.
  5. LHantz

    FS Capcom CPS1 for sale

    Sorry no, £250 each game, apologies for not being clear!
  6. LHantz

    FS Capcom CPS1 for sale

    Have 2 100% working original CPS 1 A boards and the following B+C PCBs £250 posted in the UK + post rest of the world. PP F&F thanks. Final Fight (world) Captain Commando (De-Suicided) Carrier Airwing Magic Sword King Of Dragons (conversion ROMS but encryption key reinserted so that game works...
  7. LHantz

    Knights of The Round De-Suicide with CPS1-Multi?

    Yes I know you guys fixed it, was a time before that where MAME revealed what should have been...
  8. LHantz

    Knights of The Round De-Suicide with CPS1-Multi?

    No the CPS2 has that option, the only reason I did it was with King Of Dragons was so that all the background tiles were correct. Just get a CPS1 Multi, problem solved!
  9. LHantz

    Knights of The Round De-Suicide with CPS1-Multi?

    You would have to reinsert the key using a Kabuki programmer and then put a new Battery on, I don't think the Multi would make any difference.
  10. LHantz

    SOLD For sale: Sega Moonwalker Sys18 PCB

    Selling my Moonwalker PCB, 100% working and original Sega System 18 PCB - £350 Posted Special Delivery in the UK. Euro/US postage will be added. Great game, played it loads over the years. PP F&F, Bal transf. Thanks.
  11. LHantz

    DARKSOFT New Namco System 1 Multi

    Can confirm that I don't have a shadow under Pac-Man in Pacmania either! I prob would have spotted this if my Monitor had been rotated. Are the memory modules easy to overwrite/erase? No biggie if they are and a new patched file comes out.
  12. LHantz

    The Fairyland Story U.S.A. Release

    According to Wiki (so it's got to be true!) The Fairyland Story was released by Taito in Japan in July 1985 and in North America later that year
  13. LHantz

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    While you are at it make it Namco System 2, Irem M92 and Cave CV1000B and CV1000D compatible :)
  14. LHantz


    Finally got this Multi done and all IC's checksum...awesome! THEN this happens... TBH it was always bent over, ever since I have owned it, wear and tear has just taken it's toll! Just waiting for a Caius replacement of Hammy now
  15. LHantz

    FS Final Fight and Captain Commando original CPS1 PCB's for sale

    Have Final Fight and Captain Commando original PCBs for sale, both 100%, Final Fight is the World version and Captain Commando is the US version. Capt Commando has been de-suicided £260 each posted in the UK PP F&F (+post anywhere else) Thanks
  16. LHantz

    DARKSOFT CPS1 Multi - Support thread

    There is a fix for these white bars on P1 on this thread. Just place the file in the root of your SD card, turn the Multi on and it should update.
  17. LHantz

    MITSU CPS1 Remote Dipswitch Options

    Just done mine, works 100% also have the CPS2 kick harness connector, works awesome. Still got my Butt kicked by Dhalsim on R4 SF2 HF though!
  18. LHantz

    WTB Sega Flicky

    Only game I want now is Flicky by Sega, let me know if you have one for sale thanks.
  19. LHantz

    CPS-I SFII WW 1p Sprite Issue +Strider Hiryu Conversion Black Screen

    You bought the PCB listed as 'junk' so obviously there is a problem with it. From personal experience Strider can act strange when trying to run it on another A board. You really need another CPS1 PCB so that you can pinpoint which PCB is faulty and go from there.
  20. LHantz

    Send help! TAITO F2 poor image quality

    My Don Doko Don PCB does the same, the blacks are dark grey, think my Liquid Kids does as well, as well as a couple of other Taito PCBs. I just turn down the brightness, get the blacks perfect. Not seen any 'bleeding' though