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  1. parodius

    FS FS: PCBs / Arcadia Magazines

    Nice Arcadia! collection. Reminds me I'm missing a few issues from the good years myself...
  2. parodius

    SOLD Muscle Bomber Duo CPS 1.5

    One was sold a few months ago there
  3. parodius

    SOLD CPS2 hard metal case

    Sent a PM about this a couple days ago, has it been sold?
  4. parodius

    SOLD Lost Worlds PCB

    Were there several? How do you distinguish them? GLWTS
  5. parodius

    Irem M92 Multi Game Support

    Interested in either design, put me up for 1.
  6. parodius

    SOLD **SOLD**Twin Bee Yahoo

    Video unavailable This video is private
  7. parodius

    Resurrecting/Converting CPS2 Black All in One Board

    Hey, I am still around, and I still have the game. I’m just surprised there’s no dump already out there for those mask roms? Anyway I can help but it might take me a couple of weeks :)
  8. parodius

    APOCALYPSE Sega System 18 Official Sales and Wait List

    I'm way below the first 50 ^^ Good thing I know how to be patient.
  9. parodius

    FS /thread

    Fair enough, and thanks for the clarification.
  10. parodius

    FS /thread

    AFAIK there are no serials on those boxes, no.
  11. parodius

    FS /thread

    Are you sure?
  12. parodius

    FS Mystic Warriors | Dead Connection | Splendor Blast | Hyper Olympic | 1942 and other PCB.

    Note that in some countries (like the one I live in, Singapore, but also Mexico I was told), Paypal F&F does not exist. When people insist on F&F payment I have to use an old Paypal account from when I was living in another country, now that I don't have a CC in this country anymore, I have to...
  13. parodius

    FS Mystic Warriors | Dead Connection | Splendor Blast | Hyper Olympic | 1942 and other PCB.

    Yep, a reliable seller on french forums. I think he's also running the starcab online shop.
  14. parodius

    SOLD boot ikaruga (treasure)

    That’s an interesting one, it kinda looks like a genuine accessory.
  15. parodius

    FS CPS2 and Hyper Neo64

    Rev 1 can be modded to have sound through the Jamma edge connector. Rev 2 can output stereo sound via the edge connector set to "MVS" mode.
  16. parodius

    FS Tourvision and a lot of games

    I think @system11 was collecting those at some point?