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  1. snakeGrave

    Sanwa OOM-8 Cocktail Replacement Panel Files

    You love to see it, thanks for sharing!
  2. snakeGrave

    FS Violent Storm, Konami GX837

    interested in outfoxies if it’s up for grabs
  3. snakeGrave

    Zn1 region change

    I did this recently with ex2 on my zn2. It may not be the same but I had to replace rom 4 with the one from the US set. I would guess it is similar for ex on the zn1, it was also the same for tgm on the zn2
  4. snakeGrave

    3D printed replacement cases for carts

    Thanks guys, yeah I sat down and played through ddp the other day. it wasn’t glitchy aside from that screen so I’ll probably ride this out since I think the Roma that are likely problematic are soldered in
  5. snakeGrave

    3D printed replacement cases for carts

    thanks for the kind words GC8, maybe you could help me out with some pgm advice? For some reason all the sprites in my fluffy ddp cart (esp Halifax and ketsui seem fine) are goofy now, it’s only on the high score screen though. I tried reseating roms, cleaning the connector, and double checking...
  6. snakeGrave

    SOLD Sega World Series Baseball Panel w/gdrom and key

    I just finished fixing up one I bought on here, I used to play this a bunch as a kid and probably should be playing it right now :P. Is the fielding automatic in the version that you have too? I have 99 running on a cart and it's all-auto until the fielder catches the ball. I was considering...
  7. snakeGrave

    1L4B panel for Sigma TS18 (Sanwa cocktail table CP)

    Hi All, I bought 2 of these TS18 tables, one had a panel, another was more of a project cab. I was not happy with how cramped the 2L6B panel was on the complete cab so I decided to come up with a 1L4B panel assembly. It is a little different the original assembly. The original CP comes in two...
  8. snakeGrave

    replacement 5k pots for sega world series bats

    Sounds good, I’m giving these a shot
  9. snakeGrave

    replacement 5k pots for sega world series bats

    Hi All, unfortunately the postal service had a some fun with the sega world series panel I just got. Fortunately the only thing that was apparently damaged were the 5k pots affixed to the metal bats. Shown in the images are the bats while before shipment. It seems easy enough to source pots...
  10. snakeGrave

    Lei Shen Zhuan / Battle Garegga hack - Help / Advice needed

    My replacement socket was A-ccs 084-G-T An 84 position plcc socket I thought I was making progress on this hunk of junk but I never ended up getting it to a point where it was really playable. I hate this board >.<
  11. snakeGrave

    FS FS - Sega Blast City; Neo-Geo Big Red 6-Slot cab; Ms Pacman

    Can I buy the World Series baseball panel?
  12. snakeGrave

    Third Strike - Missing 1P heavy kick input

    I was never able to fix mine, I tried swapping out the 2929 from a parts board but ended up with further complications
  13. snakeGrave

    SOLD In The Hunt, Superior Soldiers

    Is In The Hunt still available?
  14. snakeGrave


    I'm interested in the garrega bootleg if still available
  15. snakeGrave

    Positive feedback for H-Games and rewrite

    Both of these users are awesome! First time for me having cabs shipped cross country except for when KC set it all up for me, and both of these members made it incredibly easy for me. I wont go into excruciating detail but they both are amazing sellers and community members Thanks again guys
  16. snakeGrave

    MS-2931 Occasional click (high voltage arc?) and screen pulsing Had to jog my memory but oh yeah looks like in post #8 in the thread I link to above I seem to address that issue by adjusting the h-drive a little bit. This monitor is still chugging along nicely for me with the...
  17. snakeGrave

    MS-2931 Occasional click (high voltage arc?) and screen pulsing

    had the same thing happen to me, replacing the flyback with a knockoff fixed my issues
  18. snakeGrave

    SOLD Vewlix Diamond Blue w/Upgraded monitor and adjustable Taito bench!

    Interested in the table, I’ll send a pm after work if it’s still up for grabs!
  19. snakeGrave

    Jasen’s Customs: CPS1 Multi Case Thread

    so what is everyone using the push buttons for? I can't really think of a reason to use them right now. Are these useful for the HDMI kit? edit: whoops these details are in the first post