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  1. notsonic

    Sega JVS to Jamma adapter, kick buttons all stuck closed?

    Look for JP1 on the IO and switch it to the other setting. This toggles CN3 between input and output Position A is inputs and position B is outputs.
  2. notsonic

    Blast City grounding issue

    I don't think there's a lot of risk leaving the panel ungrounded. I almost never connect mine since I never made one for most of my harnesses. I would prefer if some European users could chime in on the stepdown transformer behavior though. Edit: is it possible you have live and neutral...
  3. notsonic

    Error 1 when booting dimm cf

    Can you check voltages under load? They can be very different compared to unloaded. Especially watch it during boot to see if it dips below 5/3.3.
  4. notsonic

    Blast City grounding issue

    I have no experience with anything not American, but 230v between neutral and ground seems like something isn't right with that transformer.
  5. notsonic

    Blast City grounding issue

    The issue here is that the Mistercade remote is effectively using DC ground as shield ground, and it's shorting to your cabinet's earth ground. Sega cabinets don't tie earth to DC ground, or when they do it's through a capacitor. Still, I'm surprised there's that much of a voltage potential...
  6. notsonic

    MiSTerAddons MiSTercade - MiSTer for JAMMA cabinets

    Check for continuity between the control panel and the ground pin on the cabinet power cord. Also check that there's no continuity between the monitor frame and the control panel.
  7. notsonic

    FOUND WTB: Cal .50 (Calibur Fifty) PCB

    Got the one on ebay, ggs.
  8. notsonic

    Error 1 when booting dimm cf

    Region is set by the mobo bios and not by the dimm. Do you have a multi region bios? If not, try another game that's the same region as your bios. Also check your voltages.
  9. notsonic

    Ok Baby - Monitor Issues: H. Width and Pincushion

    It would be best if you could post pictures of your setup. Can you measure the voltage going into and coming out of the isolation transformer? Is the AC power working everywhere else as expected?
  10. notsonic

    MVS single slot -> NAC Splitfire -> OSSC issues...

    Those settings didn't help with the raw sync signal from the FZ. BUT, they did work with the JVS + Regen C mode enabled on the Jammafier. 1080p Line 5x looks pretty great on a 1440p screen. This makes me want to upgrade to the new firmware for line 6x 1440p. The notes about the v1.xx also...
  11. notsonic

    FOUND WTB: Cal .50 (Calibur Fifty) PCB

    I'm looking for a Cal .50 pcb, around $100.
  12. notsonic

    Finnicky Spinner Behavior LS-29

    I have a spinner from a Block Block kit. It's got the silver knob and is shorter than an Arkanoid/Taito one, so I assume it's the Seimitsu LS-29. I haven't tested it extensively with Block Block as I've mostly been messing with the Brizzo adapter to see what other games might work well. What...
  13. notsonic

    The Idiot Guide to DragonMindeds Naomi Multi

    It probably makes more sense to use the all in one WiPi image The error you're running into is because python is ass and the community cant ever decide how to manage and version control packages. What...
  14. notsonic

    MVS single slot -> NAC Splitfire -> OSSC issues...

    I just tested some of my MVS boards with my OSSC. It's a v1.6 board with v0.88a firmware. I don't have a splitfire. I used a Jammafier 2.0 in JAMMA mode, which means the signal should be untouched from the game and passed straight through to the VGA connector. I also tested in Tri-sync mode...
  15. notsonic

    MVS single slot -> NAC Splitfire -> OSSC issues...

    My bad, I missed the double negative in the op.
  16. notsonic

    MVS single slot -> NAC Splitfire -> OSSC issues...

    If the OSSC isn't syncing to the mvs, the capture card has nothing to do with it. It would be worth sanity checking by directly outputting to a tv or monitor from the OSSC though. Ignore my bad reading comprehension. The ossc doesn't change sync frequency, so a lot of displays don't like it...
  17. notsonic

    Sega Aero Monitor Interference

    Seems like a ground issue. I don't have first hand experience but if it's like other Sega cabinets the monitor is supposed to be floating both electrically (meaning no chassis ground) and physically (via rubber isolators).
  18. notsonic

    Finding a suitable DIMM battery replacement

    I just built new packs for my DIMMs and it wasn't too bad. spot welder: batteries: wrap: Disassemble the original battery by cutting...
  19. notsonic

    Uo Poko Control Panel

    I'm a sucker for custom control panels, I would be in for one.
  20. notsonic

    VF5 Export - over DVI, very slow

    There's a lot of Lindbergh 7800GS's on ebay from Chinese sellers. It's easier/cheaper than finding one locally. In my experience, the card bios doesn't matter but that may depend on your motherboard bios or what multi you're running. I'm pretty sure I was able to boot mine with a BFG 7800GT and...