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  1. ArcSys101

    WTB Initial D Version 3 Sanwa Card Reader and/or Harness

    Did you already got them
  2. ArcSys101

    FS Pump It Up XX HDD and dongle

    Hello Selling my Andamiro Pump It Up XX international version hardisk and dongle $600 shipping included Also Available Andamiro mk9 v1 system $500 Andamiro mk9 v2 system $600 Thanks
  3. ArcSys101

    FS Mvs Cartridges

  4. ArcSys101

    FS Nanao ms9-29 D1

    Hello Selling One Nanao Ms9-29 D1 model chassis with remote board and can be modded to 31khz mode $350 shipping included Thanks Guys
  5. ArcSys101

    Super system 256 — can I multi ? Or boot a different game

    You cannot use a Super 256 system from time crisis 4 , only a Normal System 246 is you will play Tekken 4 , Bloody Roar 3 , The normal 256 still you can play some 246/256 games but above mention even you put the jumper tab to 246+ Tekken 4 and bloody roar 3 won't work I suggest get a separate...
  6. ArcSys101

    Having trouble with an unknown board. Anyone recognize it?

    Looks like the B+ is in max
  7. ArcSys101

    Deadstorm Pirates Upright Namco 357 Dead

    Try changing the ps3 power supply
  8. ArcSys101

    SOLD NANAO MS9-29 Chassis for New Astro City

    I have the remote board is included it will be a good Set for the Nanao Chassis
  9. ArcSys101

    FS REPRICED English Wangan 3dx Plus

    Up And Happy New Year Guys
  10. ArcSys101

    Just getting started

    Welcome 😊😁😊
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    SOLD Chassis

  12. ArcSys101

    SOLD Chassis

    Up Peeps
  13. ArcSys101

    SOLD Chassis

  14. ArcSys101

    Time Crisis 4 gun harness pin outs and what I/O board is needed

    You will need a najvs2 I/o board that's the one I use