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  1. Niko

    Type X2 running fine but psu fans not spinning

    They can, I've seen them die before. If the PSU is working, then it would be very unlikely for it to be anything else. Regardless you'd need to open the PSU to find out. Just be careful as PSUs are dangerous.
  2. Niko

    Type X2 running fine but psu fans not spinning

    Fans are probably dead. you can find replacements online but you'll need to wire up the connectors.
  3. Niko

    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    Interesting, so if you turn patches off, the settings are loaded when autobooting? Or there always default when autobooting regardless of patches?
  4. Niko

    Type X2 Multi Freezing at game startup

    I'd try replacing the following in this order. 1.) SSD/HDD 2.) RAM 3.) GPU
  5. Niko

    New X2 owner, resolution question

    1.) The video card is a 7900GT and not a 7900GS? It might not have the proper BIOS. 2.) Ensure your DVI to VGA adapter is a DVI-I to VGA and not a DVI-D to VGA 3.) Potentially a Vewlix L monitor setting?
  6. Niko

    Purchased a TTX2 SFIV - should I back it up?

    Is it just vanilla SFIV? I would say no unless the version differs from the one on the multi. In which case, shoot me a PM so we can get it dumped :P
  7. Niko

    Vewlix to Jamma

    Its still a thing and should be available soon.
  8. Niko

    *FOUND* WTB Vewlix SEGA I/O Adapter Kit

    It looks like they're in stock on his site you linked? Are you looking for a kit with the I/O board as well?
  9. Niko

    Taito TypeX 2 Multi - won't stay running

    You might try replacing the drive, and RAM. No telling what’s been done to that drive. If you need a clean image let me know. Typically when the video card starts failing you’ll get BSOD.
  10. Niko

    New JAMMA Kit for Vewlix (and more!) - Universal JAMMA Interface

    Oh snap! For real? That's awesome! I have two blue diamonds, I just assumed they wouldn't accept anything below 480p. :thumbsup: I'm so ready for this kit!
  11. Niko

    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    Usually this is caused by a loose SATA cable. Check the connections on both the HDD and the motherboard. Although if your getting the TGM3 image to work, then I guess it could also be the drive you're using. Have you tried another HDD? The patched exe's are usually modified to write the save...
  12. Niko

    WTB: Capcom I/O Board

    Get a Sega Rev. B. They’re cheaper and don’t have the added lag.
  13. Niko

    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    The games read coin credits from the JVS I/O. What I/O board are you using?
  14. Niko

    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    That’s the wrong GPU. You need to flash that with the Elsa 979GS BIOS. I have a thread here with instructions.
  15. Niko

    TTX2 Multi - Strange resolution (stretched 640 x 480) issue on Akai Katana

    Your monitor needs to be connected to the X2 using VGA and a DVI-I to VGA adapter. Though that might not be your complete issue. Ensure you have the 7900 GS GPU and verify the memory in the settings dialog box in the multi menu.
  16. Niko

    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    Probably failing GPU.
  17. Niko

    Control PCBs are paired to their dongles on a X3?

    What if you remove the control pcb and try to boot the X3? Try also removing the battery booting the system and then putting the battery back. ( after turning it back off again of course :) )
  18. Niko

    Permanent Settings for TTX2 Multi Games

    It might have something to do with how you're exiting the game after changing the settings. For example, if you change the settings and then play the game for awhile before just powering off the system. The writes might not ever be getting flushed to the disk. Were as if you change the settings...
  19. Niko

    Permanent Settings for TTX2 Multi Games

    Are files being written to the respective game folder on D:\?
  20. Niko

    [HELP TTX2] I had a TPM error, but now everytime need to push F1 to restart again ,

    Can you take a picture of the error?