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  1. Heatermania

    SYS2X6 USB Dongle -- System 246/256 Multi

    Here’s hoping. I’d buy one today if I could.
  2. Heatermania

    SYS2X6 USB Dongle -- System 246/256 Multi

    Are these still available? Just got my hands on a Tekken 5.1 Cab and would love to easily convert to Dark Resurrection or Capcom Fighting Jam
  3. Heatermania

    Interest Check: Pre-made upgraded 161-in-1 multicarts - All spots filled - 11/13 : WAITLIST

    Please put me down for one MVS when the time comes.
  4. Heatermania

    Time Killers - no sound once warmed up

    Does anyone re flash the rom chips? Got a board that boots to a blue screen and all the UV chips didn’t have their stickers on them. Plus, am I imagining things or was there a thread about potentially converting TK to Bloodstorm or SF The Movie.
  5. Heatermania

    Home Arcade System

    It’s my HAS with a Retro Arcade US Power Supply
  6. Heatermania

    Home Arcade System

    Anything I should know about the dialed in voltage? I found the switch for sync but now all I get is basically a blue pixel screen.
  7. Heatermania

    Home Arcade System

    Anyone got tips for getting Time Killers running on my HAS? All I get is a blue and yellow screen.
  8. Heatermania

    WTB Sega Naomi or Naomi 2 motherboard.

    Hey guys. Long story short, my Naomi gave up the ghost and I need to replace it. Looking for either a Naomi or a Naomi 2 if the price is right. But Virtua Fighter isn’t the biggest deal to me. Thanks in advance.
  9. Heatermania

    FS theoddtech 2021 sale thread (prices lowered)

    Are any of the CPS1 games salvageable?
  10. Heatermania

    Sega Model 3 The Ocean Hunter Arcade Wiring

    I know I'm necro posting here, but I'm looking to built a Silent Hill Arcade setup myself and this is literally the best lead I've been able to find today. Could you PM me and tell me a little bit about your setup?
  11. Heatermania

    NAOMI Dark / Dull video output

    Just got one of the Ultimarc video amps posted on this thread because my Sega Naomi has a dull video output on my 15khz monitor. Problem is, I have absolutely no idea how to install it. Are there any pictorial/video tutorials? trying to get the Naomi looking good on the monitor for my Capcom...
  12. Heatermania

    CPS3 new Simms. Pick your name.

    How about the "DarkSimm"?
  13. Heatermania

    Naomi multi BIOS (fixed with proper bootstrap)

    Is anyone selling physical chips that are pre-programmed? I don't have a programmer and my current bios is Japanese. I'd like to be able to play the english versions of what's available.
  14. Heatermania

    Just got a Naomi with a CF Reader. Have some questions...

    Hey guys. Was just gifted a Naomi setup with a Compact Flash reader installed on it. It's supposed to be able to run Naomi and Atomiswave games, but I don't know a lot about it. I've also ordered a Capcom I/O board. I was looking for some info about using a Naomi with a HAS, and...
  15. Heatermania

    WTB Capcom I/O for Sega Naomi

    Bumping the thread. Would rather not pay eBay prices if I can help it...
  16. Heatermania

    WTB Capcom I/O for Sega Naomi

    No cab at this time. Just a HAS and an OSSC.
  17. Heatermania

    WTB Capcom I/O for Sega Naomi

    Hey guys. Just got my hands on a CF Reader Naomi setup and it didn't include an I/O board. I'm just learning about them but apparently the Capcom one is better due to the six button layout and Q sound support. Long story short, is anyone selling one for a reasonable price?
  18. Heatermania

    CPS2 Multi solid color screen HELP NEEDED

    Hey guys! I have a Darksoft CPS2 Multi, and I've been having this problem or that problem for a while now. The most current problem is a red/lavender screen. I tried shorting the jumpers, reformatting the card, using a different card, and just can't seem to have any luck. Does anyone have...
  19. Heatermania

    CPS-2 Custom Metal Case -Pre-Orders open now

    Alright, guys. SUPER novice here. Going to be taking this to my local game shop to get properly assembled. I can make sense more or less where the Test, Volume Up, and Volume Down buttons are wired, but I'm still unclear as to how to wire all the LEDs and where to go to get a shorter cable...