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    Irem M92 Multi Game Support

    Happy to volunteer as tester! I have 10 M92 PCBs now...
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    Irem M92 Multi Game Support

    What’s the latest on this project @Mitsurugi-w ?
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    APOCALYPSE Sega System 24 multi kit sale & support

    No worries, I know how it is! Like I said, I'm happy you were able to report and fix this problem!
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    APOCALYPSE Sega System 24 multi kit sale & support

    LOL, I guess it wasn't "exact same issue!" Glad you got it working though. @skusuma I would say do the mod if you have all the other issues, likely it will fix the sound too.
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    WTB Shikhondo (Exa Arcadia)

    Fair enough, free bump and I’ll keep an eye out for you!
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    WTB Shikhondo (Exa Arcadia)

    You can play it pretty cheap on PS4 so I'd recommend you try it (if you haven't). I thought it was OK and visually cool, but not that great gameplay wise.
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    NAMCO SYSTEM 2 Multi

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    New dumb idea: building a Neo Print system

    In the arcade community, there are no dumb ideas, just expensive ones. Good luck with this!
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    You've been offering a lot of CPS conversions lately and honestly while not against any rules, most people on these forums like the real deal or play on a multi system while preserving the real deal or do the conversions themselves. Just straight converting games and trying to sell them at a...
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    FS Working and faulty original PCB

    That's good to know, I took a gamble and purchased 3 PCBs!
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    Primal Rage - Supergun power issues

    Also, get the 125, PR is big and I think the extra amps help.
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    Primal Rage - Supergun power issues

    Leave everything as it is and find a short wire to add on top of the terminal. Go from one to the other and be triple sure the exposed tips are not touching any other terminal. Then you should be able to close it back up. If you use a little longer wire, you should have enough slack to work with...
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    Primal Rage - Supergun power issues

    Listen to this man, he knows things.... :P
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    FOUND WTB/WTT: Various PCBs for Retrotink-4k

    Wow, great list! I would have done it for that JJS if I already didn’t have one! Do you have anything from my want list?
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    Truxton2 no-checkpoint-patch

    Oh yeah...
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    Daioh no-checkpoints-patch

    You're the man. I'll have to pull my proto out of storage to see...
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    WTB Original Xbox S type controller

    Where is parts unknown? Can you be a little more specific on your location.
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    Primal Rage - Supergun power issues

    Fantastic, how do you like that profile? Does it make a difference to your eye?
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    Is this Biomechanical Toy a conversion or an original?

    Yeah, I think the company in Spain used whatever circle number stickers they had on hand. Cheap but effective. I'd like to find a set to "restore" mine. I guess color really doesn't matter.