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  1. nonosto

    FS Snes Zelda link to past Canadian version in box complete

    What's language in game please? French?
  2. nonosto


    I have one to sell in case of.
  3. nonosto

    How to clean magnetic rings?

    Hello How to do a deep safety clean about magnetic rings? Thanks
  4. nonosto

    Tri sync helper from @invzim substitute

    Hello I am looking for a @invzim 's tri sync helper substitude. I find this in yahoo auction does it run with Jammafier? Thanks
  5. nonosto

    DARKSOFT CPS3 Repro Carts!!

    A stupid question, does your cart with standard sh3 work with and without drive or we have to buy one for each of any cases (no cd and with cd).
  6. nonosto

    WTB Tri sync helper for Jammafier

    Hello I burned my Tri sync helper for Jammafier, if someone can sell one please Thanks.
  7. nonosto

    DARKSOFT CPS2-Multi ROMset generator

    I have this Romset, an official Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha Japan Version, is it interesting for the community copy it. If yes how to install it on the multi please?
  8. nonosto

    APOCALYPSE Sega System 18 Installation and Support

    I have this Romboard, an official decrypted Shadow dancer Japan Version, is it interesting for the community copy it. If yes how to install it on the multi please?
  9. nonosto

    FS Some of rom board

  10. nonosto

    FS Some of rom board

    Hello I sell some of rom board working perfectly, all price are without shipping: - Arkanoid Returns rom and full kit for Taito F3: 100 euros - Street fighter Zero 2 CPS2 and full kit: 90 euros - Shadow Dancer convert decrypted rom board : 150 euros Empty rom board Sega System...
  11. nonosto

    FS Neo Geo CD SD (Furrtek)

    NGCD with sd loader is a very nice complement for all fan of SNK. 80% of game is exactly same except CD music version.
  12. nonosto

    Positive Feedback for nonosto

    Thanks very much my friend. @Elias.mejia higly recommended buyer.
  13. nonosto

    SOLD Irem M72 multi

    Nice good playing.
  14. nonosto

    SOLD Irem M72 multi

  15. nonosto

    Ikaruga Cartridge version

    Hello I am pretty sure does not exist in official, but I saw some of port in cart. Does it work? Exactly like original gd rom? Thanks
  16. nonosto

    MVS MV1B/1C battery replacement

    So nice, any chance for other model for example for MV-1 big motherboard?
  17. nonosto

    FS Chassis NANAO MS9-29 for SEGA

    bump new avallable