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  1. ChrisBEANS

    WTB Kraut Buster OST

    Monthly bump
  2. ChrisBEANS

    FS Account hacked, be smart

    That’s the exact site Semload was spamming on AO
  3. ChrisBEANS

    FS Account hacked, be smart

    It’s all been cleaned up, and they’ve now forced a password reset site wide. I wonder why arcade sites are being hit specifically 🤔
  4. ChrisBEANS

    FS Account hacked, be smart

    I’m hoping he’s fine here, but the mighty @Semload (the bloke who makes the expensive but very cool PCB cases) has been hacked over on AO. Currently spamming ads for some dating app…
  5. ChrisBEANS

    WTB Kraut Buster OST

  6. ChrisBEANS

    WTB Windy II coin reject button

    Like a buffoon I replaced my coin reject button with a ‘coin up’ button a few months before the mighty Franco came out with his kits. While I’m certain the original reject button is here somewhere I absolutely cannot find it and I’ve given up looking. Does anyone have a Konami Windy II coin...
  7. ChrisBEANS

    Merry Xmas everyone!!!

    Merry Christmas all x
  8. ChrisBEANS

    Hello from London

    Welcome in! Where abouts in London? What were the games of choice (Southend, I’m guessing??) I highly recommend MVS over AES, simply due to the price of games. Consolised is good, but it’s certainly easier to find a one slot JAMMA main board and a supergun. It ‘can’ be cheaper to do this too...
  9. ChrisBEANS


    Strong second for this. Franco knocks up a lot of cool, and frankly ingenious stuff (throw reducer being my personal fave), but the coin reject/coin up button is fantastic. Practical, and as said above, clean. Pretty f-ing slick 😎
  10. ChrisBEANS

    Positive Feedback for Sabin

    More positive feedback from me… Bought a Sega 16 Multi from @Sabin Great comms before the sale (checking out international shipping options). A video to show working order and wire placements for the rotary selector. All round nice bloke to deal with. When the board arrived, I couldn’t get...
  11. ChrisBEANS

    Atomiswave Multi

    Echo that! Actually unlocking it on an original cart is an utter ball ache!!
  12. ChrisBEANS

    Irem M92 Multi Game Support

    Excuse this if it’s a really dumb question… Am I right in thinking that option 1 would be perfectly fine with any M92 ‘conversions’, as only the ROM board of a conversion will be molested, but Option 2 may not work with conversions due to modifications made to the ROM board? I don’t usually...
  13. ChrisBEANS

    Kraut Buster Grey Spine MVS Insert?

    Yeah fair play. I’m happy to have a go myself, and I will eventually. The only reason I’m keen for someone more competent to have a crack is because I’m unlikely to get it to an especially high standard. I’ve managed to knock up a reasonable effort at my own custom stick art on
  14. ChrisBEANS

    Atomiswave Multi

    Nice! At this rate I’ll get one next year! Sounds like I’m being sarcastic, but I’m genuinely impressed! Compare this to NG Dev with still unfulfilled preorders from 8 years ago!
  15. ChrisBEANS

    WTB Kraut Buster OST

  16. ChrisBEANS

    Konami Windy 1 & 2 Marquee Insert Files

    There’s a bloke over at AO willing to make some ‘full bleed’ variants of Windy marquees, but there’s currently not enough interest over there to make it worth his while… Selfishly, I’m pimping it here too in the hope of more interest. I bought some backlit Blast marquees from him years ago and...
  17. ChrisBEANS

    SOLD sold

    Spoilsport 🤣
  18. ChrisBEANS

    FS Neo geo mvs, Arcade pcb games.

    Just been reminded of this thread… Is the MVS 6 Slot flyer still available?