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    Hello Arcade Project’s Community!

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    Cps1 the sound goes away.

    I think you should open a new thread. Post some pictures. That might help.
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    stv region?

    Yes, still think you should do it. Don't trust your eye, trust your meter ;)
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    stv region?

    I would still do a rework on those SH2 anyways. Very often games some games work with the original cart, but then any others dont.
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    DARKSOFT BIOS and Header fixed atomiswave converts

    That accound is closed by MEGA. It's not mine, so not sure why.
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    FS Primal Rage PCB Enclosure - Preorder/Interest Check

    I like the idea. Pinging @Mitsurugi-w
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    Ringedge 2 help needed

    That RS3 is from a Nu, isn't it? Probably the unit was set to run without ATA lock and when the battery died, now it's back to default which means that it can only boot from Pwd locked SSDs. Ask the person who sold it to you how to unlock it again. That's what I would do.
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    DARKSOFT CPS III Bios and CD Releases

    If you got them from here, they should be good. Only one byte change. Just bear in mind that one is for custom SH2 and the other for...
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    DARKSOFT CPS III Bios and CD Releases

    Maybe one of the files I released was wrong. I'll check later. Which one exactly is it?
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    DARKSOFT The Definitive Guide to Fixing Your CPS2 Multi Kit

    And if possjble try with a different A board too
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    Cps1 the sound goes away.

    Glad to hear that is working now and beware of chinese hacks. They are very poor in quality.
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    Cps1 the sound goes away.

    Well, that's nothing new. Chinese have been using A Boards from QSound games (aka CPS1.5) and populated them with poor quality components. Many people had problems with this. I would replace whatever is still not changed by you on that audio section. Ideally have a look at a regular CPS1 A Board...
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    Darksoft Multi Games

    Buy a CPS1 Multi and you'll have the best possible experience.
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    Scammers on KLOV

    that's what you should do. Problem is, that if you cancel the payment and PayPal has already sent the funds to the scammer, they will show up in your account as a negative balance and PayPal won't give a shit. They will claim from you the payment to go through or you'll hav ea debt with them...
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    Scammers on KLOV

    Thanks for info.
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    Kaneko ‘MC-1091/MC-8282’ reproduction by Caius

    不,他不会与你分享它,如果你想要一个,就从他那里购买,老实说,我不会卖掉它,因为如果我看到在 eBay 和速卖通上出售复制品,我不会感到惊讶。
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    Kaneko ‘MC-1091/MC-8282’ reproduction by Caius

    哦哦,很好,所以你想复制 Caius 的作品吗? 这就是你问的吗?
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    FS Account hacked, be smart

    Thanks for info.