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    DARKSOFT New CPSIII Ultra Simms! 8 times the size of a regular SIMM

    I am so excited, really need some!
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    DARKSOFT CPS III Bios and CD Releases

    Hi, there is a new firmware from august 2019? what changed? thanks.
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    ---> Get your Deco multigame Here <---

    whats new?
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    EPROM Eraser alternatives?

    Can you use that for earasing? thx
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    PGM single game PCB assembly and troubleshooting

    Would a modified plexi work? Has somebody tried it and also has laser cut files for modified plexi? thx
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    FS CPS3 Darksoft Multi Kit with SCSI2SD & Jasen Plexicase - Ready to Play

    I have the first gen light blue one ~5.3mm thick with only cps3 and capcom logo (no darksoft) . Do you consider the dark blue with the additional logos one better?
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    PGM single game PCB assembly and troubleshooting

    Does the case fit with all roms in sockets?
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    Deathsmiles 2

    I just copied the files from the 1.4 multi to the 2.0 multi, but i still need to test it.
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    WTB [Done] UniBios 3.3 and UniBios 4.0

    I am in germany, but on vacation for two more weeks. Can hit after that.
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    SOLD iScan DVDO VP30 (Latest Firmware)

    i ll take if you ship to germany ...
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    CPS1 C Boards - Multi Compatible

    I would love to take one. thanks
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    EPROM Eraser alternatives?

    Ok, bought an overexpensive used one, also has some kind of holes but the stay dark and i hear rattle of the 4 uv lamps .... hopefully ebay/papal will solve that, the seller says used goods are not supposed to be as good as new ones ... but he just shipped me broken shit. well thanks for the...
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    EPROM Eraser alternatives?

    Stupid question: Can you see the Uv Light of eprom ereaser in the dark?
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    FS CPS3 QSB install kits for CPS2 Digital AV Interface

    Nice! Do you have more detailed pictures? Youre store is faulty, cps3 adds rgb2vga to cart
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    Highest quality arcade power supply

    I am talking about U2, D25, R49, R50, .... vor me it looks like self regulating voltage maybe ...
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    ---> Get your Deco multigame Here <---

    Deco and compact :-)
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    FS Shadow Force | Mercs | Galmedes | Susume!! Mile Smile

    cps1 multi still here? i would take it. thanks
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    ---> Get your Deco multigame Here <---

    Can you share information on your jamma mode?
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    Highest quality arcade power supply

    Do you know what the empty places are good for?