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    NGDEV - What are they thinking?

    You just summed up the state of a lot of the console physical market nowadays. Long live limitedrun, strictlylimited, superraregames, etc etc etc. Seriously i just gave up on the physical insanity and just go digital.
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    building a Tekken6 357 board, questions

    Seeing what you're asking i would encourage you to find/get a complete working setup with wiring and everything hooked up if this is something you *really* want.
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    Hey, Neo Geo enthousiast from the Netherlands.

    If you want arcade in holland you can go to:
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    STV Multi got rained on. advice needed to clean

    And if you do, specify if you mean C or F before things go horribly wrong :D
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    Wangfu_fr, hello from France!

    I remember ordering a minicute from you ages ago (and cancelling the order because it took longer than planned but thats beside the point haha). Good to see oldtimers still active :)
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    Project Neon: New Shmup for the Neo Geo

    This is neo xyx in hori. I prefer vert but this works pretty good in cabs that you can’t or don’t want to put in tate
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    Retro Scaler A1

    What kind of signals can you get out of the dsub connector? My current tv doesnt even have a vga port anymore
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    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    I think it's a cool mod so don't take this the wrong way, but if i read it correctly it's being held in place by foam blocks. I'm not sure that qualifies as a "proper" mounting. But it's functional (so were the earlier tape and wooden blocks/clamps versions i saw.
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    Vewlix teardown, clean & rebuild (Completed).

    The dead man bit sounds familiar! || Thanks for the extensive writeup!
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    [FS] Taito F3, CPS2 pcbs

    I was wondering who the marktplaats user was :D ( + free bump)
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    I’m quite sure factory pressed cds are harder to find than homeburned cdr’s, so i’m not quite sure whats up with the condescending post tbh
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    The Darksoft MultiAES is happening, right?

    Just a bit confused, i read about some problems with a few games on mvs yet i see that aes orders are open?
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    Hello from Sydney, Australia

    Australia? Hope you installed some industrial cooling solution for your games! :rolleyes:
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    FS: Tetris Giant System SP

    Oops, looking it up on youtube i guess you are right. Whilst i dont remember the exact number of buttons i do know the one i played did what i typed but im guessing that was an operator hackjob looking back at it. Sorry for the confusion!
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    FS: Tetris Giant System SP

    For me the biggest letdown was that the giant sticks are not actually sticks that work; they are just a stationary pillar with buttons on it which you press. So you’re not really missing anything (apart from looks) by not having the cab itself. Just get the pcb guys ;)
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    Krikzz joyzz wireless megadrive pad+receiver

    As per title. Got something? Let me know! Other bluetooth sega megadrive solutions also appreciated!
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    [FS/FT] GHOX kit w/NOS Spinners, harness, etc...

    Forgotten Worlds uses different spinners
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    A CAVE Multi is doable for sure, who wants to dig in

    You just bought a game for god knows how much while you have no clue what it even plays like? It's a free country but i'm not sure if i want to laugh or cry.
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    A CAVE Multi is doable for sure, who wants to dig in

    Exactly why it's a terrible idea to even speak of a "cave multi". I mean, everyone says cps2multi, i don't see anyone calling that a "capcom multi" either.
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    Any PGM Conversion info out there?

    So is there someone yet who sells the cave conversions for this? Apart from youknowwho.