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  1. Darksoft

    FREE Giveaway Aliens 3 metal case

    I have this Aliens 3 metal case with filter board, in case someone wants it, please PM. Just pay shipping. Thanks.
  2. Darksoft

    [FS] 3x Ringedge2

    I have 3x Ringedge2 for sale. Price is 300 EUR + shipping. PM if interested. Thanks.
  3. Darksoft

    Ringedge and ES3 Sale!

    I have for sale 5 Ringedge and 2x ES3. Ringedge comes without keychip. Price 150 EUR + shipping. Price 250 EUR on the ES3. PM if interested.
  4. Darksoft

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    After a long development, I'm happy to annouce that the CPS1 Multi is in its final stage. The Multi PCB includes both the B PCB and the Qsound PCB. It's completely compatible with CPS1 and CPS1.5. As you can see it has both the Option for inserting a C board and just soldering a B-21. For now...
  5. Darksoft

    CPIII BIOS upgrade Service

    Please post here if you can help other people updating the BIOS of their CPIII carts.
  6. Darksoft

    CPS3 new Simms. Pick your name.

    Opening a new Poll to choose your favourite game. Please vote!
  7. Darksoft

    New Namco System 1 Multi Instructions

    You can find the instructions for this multi here: If you have any questions please feel free to post about it here.
  8. Darksoft

    CPS2 Champion Multi: Instructions and tips (new Version after 10.2020)

    UPDATED BY DARKSOFT ON 08/10/2020 You can get the download instructions v1.3 from here: If you need to make any repairs on your multi, the pins for program ROM PCB were bought from HK Kemei Electronics and the...
  9. Darksoft

    Dragon Ball Zenkai + Namco System 357C

    Hello, I have an original fully working System 357C with Dragon Ball Zenkai. See pictures attached. Original dongle included. Asking for 350 EUR + Shipping.
  10. Darksoft

    FREE: Giveaway Chihiro STUFF

    I have 1xChihiro and 3xXbox motherboards. I also have a complete Type1 Chihiro which is not working. The motherboards might work if you have the time and patience to check them and eventually fix them. You pay shipping. Cheers.
  11. Darksoft

    Model 2 and model 3 white connector

    does anyone know the manufacturer and model of those white connectors used to interconnect the model 3 boards to each other?
  12. Darksoft

    New CPS3 Simms! 8 times the size of a regular SIMM

    New CPSIII Ultra Simms !!! With 8x the capacity of a regular SIMM To run a CPS-3 setup with the UltraSIMMs you require two other pieces of hardware: • A Working CPS-3 Motherboard (doesn’t matter what region, or game) • A UltraBIOS cart. It's basically a regular cart that has the...
  13. Darksoft

    Quest of D - Server + Satellite

    I'm trying to setup a Quest of D with server + satellite chihiros. Does anyone have it running or has a server, so that could help me to set up mine? Thanks everyone!
  14. Darksoft

    Container full of cabinets to Europe

    Hi, I'm bringing my first container with cabinets to Europe. Wish me luck. I'm selling the following cabinets. All of them will be tested working but you have to expect wear and tear. They are not new. THEY ARE USED. Price includes VAT and this price is with transport included into Poland...
  15. Darksoft

    Sega Chihiro + Chihiro parts

    Hello! I have for sale a Chihiro type 3 perfectly working (needs FW update) comes with AV cable included. Price 300 EUR. 1x original Chihiro Motherboard. Price 80 EUR. It's like this one: 1x faulty Chihiro type 1 without...
  16. Darksoft

    Positive feedback for AMS

    I did several transactions with AMS in the last 2 months and they were all smooth and without any issues. I recommend him :thumbsup:
  17. Darksoft

    Namco system 22 + 23

    I want to sell these two PCBs. I know I won't play them and I'm sure that they will be helpful to someone and I'm giving a low price. 500 GP ( Namco Super System 23 ). Includes the FCA PCB --> 120 EUR. Super System 22 (I think it's Alpine Racer) --> 80 EUR. Both PCBs were working when removed...
  18. Darksoft

    Nu Sx

    I have 2 NuSX fully working with game Edel Sand. Price of each 200 USD. PM if interested. Thanks.
  19. Darksoft

    Time crisis 4 working on standard system 256

    This is now a reality. Check here: Time crisis 4 working on standar system 256?
  20. Darksoft

    [FS] Namco ES3

    I have for sale 2xNamco ES3 in good shape and perfectly working. Price 400 EUR + shipping I also have 6 Ringedge 1 clean and working. They come with Keychip. Price 250 EUR + shipping. PM for more info.