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  1. nam9

    Recommend me some solder flux?

    Hi! What sort of flux do you use when soldering? Solid? Liquid? Bonus if I can order it over eBay... Thanks in advance!
  2. nam9

    Highest quality arcade power supply

    So I replaced the blown caps and everything tested working without touching the fuse. Voltages look good, but +12v was reading +15v... Is that expected without load?
  3. nam9

    Did I just Kill my B board - Darksoft CPS2 Ver2

    Start by reseating your A&B Board. See if that clears things up. Next would be ensuring the kit is seated fully - then remove and reseat if that isn't it. It's going to be a physical connection issue, not a Romset one for sure...
  4. nam9

    CPS2 Roll-Up Packs: All roms for the CPS2 kit

    Could it be your black levels are incorrect?
  5. nam9

    ATP 300 Supergun

    I know that button 5 is on select as there aren't enough pins on the DB15 for everything. That's why you have a coin up button the the SG and not on Select as with others.
  6. nam9

    138 in 1 cart

    Had a WTB up for a while with very few returns... unfortunately it seems to be headed into R@RE territory. I have asked a couple of suppliers on Aliexpress if they have stock and they did suggest it could come with a minimum quantity. Not sure how serious they would be at essential a reprint...
  7. nam9

    G-net Multi????

    Sandisk CF all looked to have doubled in price over on eBay... Any more cheap sources??
  8. nam9

    Tombstones Dream Builded

    Wow! Quite an imposing cabinet! What is inside? CRT? Rear projection?
  9. nam9

    Tekken 3 & Contra PCB ** sold **

    PM on Tekken :)
  10. nam9

    [Repair Log] Sega Naomi

    Cool build. Love it :thumbup:
  11. nam9

    Type X3 video card and CPU upgrade

    All available in this thread: X3 official firmware
  12. nam9

    PGM Consolization Supergun

    Pinout is X-RGB spec. Cable is passive.
  13. nam9

    PGM Consolization Supergun

    A/V connections... since there is plenty space across the back, could I suggest a Din-8 in addition to the MD2? MD2 is standard for Retrovision etc, but Din8 with passive components at the console end is a better option for Video quality... Of course you populate the desired connection of your...
  14. nam9

    RC de Go! Harness

    Any leads on sourcing the RC controllers? Do you think an actual RC controller be converted??
  15. nam9

    Help. How to Connect a MegaKiosk DS-18 to 8 EL Panels? (Sega Genesis Project)

    Hey @SegaDude , We’re doing a few things at once here. If you wanted to power one panel, then you would plug that one panel into your inverter (some caveats aside). That would be that. If you want to run more than panel from the inverter, you could either connect them in parallel or series...
  16. nam9

    Help. How to Connect a MegaKiosk DS-18 to 8 EL Panels? (Sega Genesis Project)

    Ok, no. I’ve made a mistake in my thinking here... The EL power supply has positive and negative terminals. Daisy chain one side to the EL panels directly. Daisy chain the other side to the relay COM (your yellow boxes). To complete the switching circuits, place 8 wires from the NO (Normally...
  17. nam9

    Help. How to Connect a MegaKiosk DS-18 to 8 EL Panels? (Sega Genesis Project)

    The 8 input signals from the MegaKisok are switching the EL Power to the corresponding panel.
  18. nam9

    Help. How to Connect a MegaKiosk DS-18 to 8 EL Panels? (Sega Genesis Project)

    Relay power and EL panel power are the same unit...
  19. nam9

    Is a Naomi 2 HDMI Port Screen Lag of .15 Seconds a lot and still playable

    Is this a JojoUltimate creation? Read this thread first... All the current HDMI models I have seen are just using a VGA to HDMI adapter internally, and not good ones - hence the lag, video noise etc. Stick with an external solution for now. Alternatively, show some support for @citrus3000psi...