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  1. Blue_Fox

    FS: ASTRO City Southern California

    SOLD Hello, Today I have something really special a modified Astro City arcade. Unfortunately I am moving soon and not everything can come with me. When I got this arcade it had an acer k242hql LCD monitor installed. Since then I have updated the control panel with new artwork, buttons and...
  2. Blue_Fox

    FS - Chewlix Control Panel Southern California

    Hello, I am selling a Chewlix Control Panel with media controls and Brook universal fight boards. I am moving soon and unfortunately everything can not go with me. The first player buttons are Gamer finger with speed silver switches and a gamer finger Optical stick. Second player has Sanwa...
  3. Blue_Fox

    Mini Capcom Mini Cute

    In Preparation to preorder a life size one from @hursit I began to make this tiny Beauty. The body was SLA printed and I Used a Raspberry Pi and a 2.2 in LCD for the electronics. After Everything was sanded and painted and I began to fit in the electronics. The Front glass was also SLA...
  4. Blue_Fox

    Reproduction Vewlix 100 Yen Sticker

    Hello, I am making reproduction stickers with the goal of having them be as close to the originals as possible at the cheapest price for everyone. I have made the vector versions based on some originals but still need to get the colors exact. If anyone can help on with the exact shades for...