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  1. Mitsurugi-w

    SOLD INSTEAD: Xbox Series X for PS5 disc edition

    I've got an extra Series X console and would like to trade it for a PS5 disc edition. Series X is sealed and would like the PS5 to be as well. I can throw in a digital copy of Gears Tactics as well.
  2. Mitsurugi-w

    CPS2 Tournament Link PCBs

    Since I do not expect to sell a ton of these and I don't want to over-order on the supplies I will pre-sell these and ship within two weeks. These can be used to link four Super Street Fighter II: Tournament Battle pcbs or pcbs running multi kits and play the unique Tournament Battle version of...
  3. Mitsurugi-w

    Replacing images affected by the Tinypic closing

    As many of you are aware, Tinypic, which several of us have used for image hosting has shut down as of September 16. Thanks to member @ebzero89 all of my images were able to be retrieved. I have updated all of the image links in my Walsdawg Arcade section and will replace others as I come...
  4. Mitsurugi-w

    Fake Arcade-projects Twitter Account

    Just a little while ago tonight a fake Twitter account called @arcade_projects was created. It is impersonating @Darksoft, the site, and me. Most likely it was created by a former member that we banned but will not name because attention is what they require to give value to their life. On...
  5. Mitsurugi-w

    (Cancelled) Interest check: Egret 2 cabinet art which uses metallic inks

    Ok. Moved this to it's own thread to better gauge interest. So I talked to Mikonos over at UKVAC about ordering Egret 2 sideart because he can print it using the metallic silver ink instead of just grey like most repros use. He has told me that if I get interest in at least 10 sets of the art...
  6. Mitsurugi-w

    Multis and Game Files

    All of the Apocalypse multis will begin shipping with blank eproms. No game files of ANY kind will be included with the multis. We will develop a tool for each multi that will allow you to download the game rom from somewhere else (site of your choosing) and patch it for use with the multi...
  7. Mitsurugi-w

    Need a Neo-Geo Memory Card...?

    Neo Geo AES/MVS memory card (no battery) 8) :thumbsup:
  8. Mitsurugi-w

    Donate to your fellow members here!

    Lot's of our members work very hard to convert files and games to work on other systems, etc. So this thread is to compile where you can properly show your appreciation (with cash) to those people and show them you appreciate them. This way there is no need to endlessly dig through threads to...
  9. Mitsurugi-w

    Who needed an original Super Dragonball Z dongle?

    I do a lot of work for a Korean repair house every month or so. They sent me three Super Dragonball Z System 256 dongles to convert. I know someone here said they were looking for one. Let me know and I can trade one of these for a different dongle.
  10. Mitsurugi-w

    FS: Walsdawg Arcade Audio Probes

    I've got three of these to sell. Posting here since I don't know if there would be enough demand to make it a permanent item in my store. They are 100% hand crafted by yours truly. I used the smallest project box I could find that still houses all of the components and it turned into this...
  11. Mitsurugi-w

    System 357 DC-IN Power Cable

    Price is $15 The System 357 pcb requires that one of the inner I/O pcbs be powered by an outside source via the DC-IN connector on the front of the pcb. If not powered the pcb will not boot properly. This cable allows you to power this pcb correctly. Note: The system 369 does not suffer...
  12. Mitsurugi-w

    Naomi Filterboard to CF Kit Power Harness

    Price is $15 This power harness will allow you to power a CF kit that has the original JST NH 6-pin power header installed such as the CF Kits that I sell. Both ends use the proper NH connectors. The 4-pin connector plugs into the filter board and the 6-pin side plugs into the CF kit.
  13. Mitsurugi-w

    ATX-2-Naomi Power Adapters

    Price is $25 This high-quality, hand-crimped adapter will allow you to power your entire Naomi setup including the main pcb, DIMM or NetDIMM, and GD-rom or CF Kit (with separate cable) using a standard PC ATX power supply. This adapter is wired by default to power on automatically when you...
  14. Mitsurugi-w

    Sega JVS I/O Power Cables

    ATX-2-Sega I/O Power Cable Price will be $25 This high-quality, hand-crimped power cable will allow you to use your ATX power supply to power your Sega JVS Type 1, 1.5, 2 or 3 I/O pcbs. It uses one of the standard 4-pin molex connectors that would normally power a HDD in a PC to power your...
  15. Mitsurugi-w

    Naomi-2-RasPi power harness

    Price is $15 This cable is great if you Netboot games to your Naomi using a Raspberry Pi setup. This will power your RasPi directly from the Naomi's filter pcb. It has the 4-pin NH connector on one end and a Micro USB typeB connector on the other. This power cable is hand-crimped to order.
  16. Mitsurugi-w

    Buy your Konami Reproduction Sound Modules (©Caius) here!

    I will be selling these ALMOST FULLY ASSEMBLED for $50 SPECIAL OFFER!!! I WILL INSTALL YOUR MODULE IF YOU SEND YOUR PCB TO ME AND PAY FOR RETURN SHIPPING!!!!! IF YOU ARE IN EUROPE THEN PLEASE CONTACT @caius TO PURCHASE (his pricing and services will be slightly different) You will need to...
  17. Mitsurugi-w

    Darksoft Neo Multi Help thread

    UPDATE Feb 25th 2019 CURRENT KNOWN ISSUES: #1 Fatal Fury 2, Super Side Kicks and KOF98 protection is not emulated yet. Use patched version for now. Rest of issues have been solved. Please make sure that you update to latest MENU and Firmware: Darksoft's MultiMVS Latest Firmware, Menu and...
  18. Mitsurugi-w

    PLEASE VOTE!!!: Konami Sound Module Hybrid Repros

    Caius and I would like to get a general idea of how many of these we can sell. We will sell both the 054544 and 054986A modules. The modules are used in the games below: 054544 X-men Xexex 054986A Lethal Enforcers GI Joe Metamorphic Force Run N Gun Premiere Soccer Bucky O'hare Violent...
  19. Mitsurugi-w

    Cheap Type 3 JVS I/O (ebay)