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  1. Scarletspeedstr

    FS - RetroTink 2X Pro - $100 Shipped

    Unit only. Fully functioning and ready to go. $100 shipped in U.S.
  2. Scarletspeedstr

    SOLD: RetroTink 2X Multiformat

    The newest of the RetroTink 2X family with 480p support. Latest firmware also adds 720p and 4:4:4 480p. Device only, no cables included, $99 shipped to Conus.
  3. Scarletspeedstr

    Graphic Issue on NBA Max Hangtime

    The last of the Wolf boards here. I’ve looked for broken traces on this one and have even reburned the image roms but have yet to determine what this is. All roms come up green, sound and voltages are ok too. I’m guessing this is a bad chip or component somewhere on the board?
  4. Scarletspeedstr

    Midway Wolf Open Ice Sound Issue & CMOS Error

    I have a Midway Open Ice board that shows green on the check screen screen, but which produces only buzzing noises during gameplay. It seems this is often a -5v issue, and I checked that and am good on that front. I also get a CMOS error upon boot and am unable to perform a factory reset in...
  5. Scarletspeedstr

    Replacement Speakers

    I'm going to have to replace the speakers in my Midway SportStation cab. It looks like they are 25W, 8ohm, 5 1/2" speakers. Originals can be had here, but was wondering if there are better options available.
  6. Scarletspeedstr

    WTB: Midway Open Ice PCB

    Just like the title states, I'm looking for a Midway Open Ice PCB. Feel free to PM, thanks!
  7. Scarletspeedstr

    WTB: Iritating Maze, Ragnagard, & Fight Fever MVS Carts

    Searching for English label versions of a few of the more difficult to find Neo Geo carts mentioned in the title. Feel free to shoot me a PM w/ pics if you are interested in selling.
  8. Scarletspeedstr

    WTB: MVS & PGM Carts

    Looking for a few MVS and PGM carts. Feel free to PM or respond to the thread. Thanks all! MVS Zupapa! (English label) Puzzled (English label) Panic Bomer (English label) PGM Bee Storm Puzzle Star
  9. Scarletspeedstr

    Issues with Naomi 2 Games

    I’ve been running a NetBoot setup on my Naomi 2 for a little over a year now. Last night when trying to load up Virtua Fighter 4 FT, the Naomi loading screen began flashing a checkerboard pattern and was animated in slow motion. The game eventually did load, but the checkerboard flashing...
  10. Scarletspeedstr

    Graphics Issue w/ Multigame Kit

    Started my own thread since I didn't want to get lost in the sticky. I've had an issue ever since installing my multikit where the graphics are garbled ( This occurs on every game. Some of the things I've tried so far; reseat B board onto A board, remove and reseat...
  11. Scarletspeedstr

    Astro City Grounding

    While working on my Astro City and testing my CPS3 board, I realized to my surprise that anything my grounds were connected to were in fact hot. Including the monitor frame and the control panel screw. The cabinet arrived this way, I didn't wire it so I'm currently going through specs and I've...
  12. Scarletspeedstr

    Graphics Issue - Final Fight PCB

    I was working on my Astro City this weekend and ran into an issue with my Final Fight board. I swapped the A board with my SF2 Champion Edition board and the result is the same. I tried it on my Neo Geo cabinet with an adapter, same result. I then reseated the C board without any change. Not...
  13. Scarletspeedstr

    Hi Everyone!

    Hey everyone! I'm from PA in the U.S. and have a few arcade cabinets, a Neo Geo 4-slot, Virtua Fighter, a Blast City running a Naomi 2 setup, and an Astro City wired for Jamma. I joined up due to a growing interest in CPS3 and am looking forward to reading and learning from others here.