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  1. Anselmo

    Positive Feedback for @Jeks

    Shout out to @Jeks for a smooth transaction! Really straightforward dude and nice guy to deal with. He's new to the hobby and was very understanding when I asked him for references, which he has many as he's done plenty of business on the forum in his short time. Just wanting to put it out there...
  2. Anselmo

    FS CPS2 Darksoft Multi (SOLD)

    Consignment sale for a local collector. I have this kit in my possession and will be giving it a thorough test before shipping. This will be double boxed and shipped with full insurance. Asking $775 plus actual shipping. SOLD Includes case as pictured and long lcd cable.
  3. Anselmo

    FS: MS8-29 and MS9-29 tubes+Chassis

    Got a fair condition MS8 with recently serviced Chassis and Tube that has a really nice picture. Tube does have some burn in, nothing really crazy. $300 (Still Available) MS9 TUBE /chassis probably has the nicest, most vibrant picture and colors, no burn in, BUT sadly has some pretty bad...
  4. Anselmo

    CPS1 World Warrior Rainbow/ speed hack

    solid CPS1 stack that can make a good donor for the upcoming cps1 multi. This is a world warrior game with speed increase and has air fireballs like a rainbow edition. Looks to have 6 rons replaced to change it to the rainbow hack that I'm sure can be reprogrammed back to original WW code in...
  5. Anselmo

    FS: Naomi Carts

    Powerstone 145. Now 125 shipped Cap vs Snk 125 shipped SOLD Virtua Strikers 70 shipped All tested/working
  6. Anselmo

    CPS2 A boards Japan/USA

    have two CPS2 A boards that work 100%. They are Bare PCB's with No Case or Fan. I had sold these earliet this month but the cases sadly were destroyed in shipping. Refunded the buyer and finally got a chance to inspect/test these extensively and they are working fine. These will make great...
  7. Anselmo

    SOLD: ms2930 Blast city tube

    Working MS2930 tube for sale. Tube only no chassis. Asking 200$. I have a few videos and high resolution pictures of the tube inside the cab. Those are found here:!At_YjzR0mJmF52p4RmdgHp0u41TQ The picture is great, colors are bright but, but like most blast tubes it does...
  8. Anselmo

    FS: CPS2, STV and Naomi Stuff

    Got a nice condition and squeaky clean Sega STV Motherboard with Die Hard Cart. Was going to snag the STV Multi kit but I really don't see any games on that platform that grab my interest. Asking $200 Shipped. Tested Working 100%. High resolution Pics and video' to any interested parties. SOLD...
  9. Anselmo

    Netdimm With Zero Key & ATX Power Adapter

    Got some stuff left over from putting my netdimm together. Would like to sell as a lot. 1.) 256MB Netdimm - with 4.02 Firmware tested working. 2.) Zero Key Pic 3.) Naomi ATX Power Adapter 4.) Adafruit 16x2 Keypad LCD for Rasberry Pi I ended up not needing the ATX To Power Adapter because I...
  10. Anselmo

    New Astro City Restoration

    Never got around to sharing this resto from this past May, but all the cool astro restoration posts really got me excited to share this with you dudes. My first Candy pickup after obsessing over big blues for a while, was this new Astro that was shared over in the SO Cal Arcade Club Discord...
  11. Anselmo

    CPS2 no sound

    got a weird one, hopefully someone has seen this before. I have an A board that does not have sound, specifically it doesnt have the sound bar that is found in the test menu. Alot of cps2 games like (MvC and MvSf) have a sound meter you can see when entering the test menu and you can visually...
  12. Anselmo

    FS: CPS2 Marvel Vs SF USA A+B Set

    Using my quarantine time to go clean out the collection and pass on things I won't be using. Got a nice Revision 7 A+B set. This is still on original battery (1997!) So will need a new battery soon, or will make a great Darksoft Candidate. A board case has a big ugly crack that has been...
  13. Anselmo

    FS: CPS2 SF Zero 3 Green + 2 CPS2 A Boards

    Decent shape ( no cracks) SF Zero 3 B Board. Asking $200 (Price Drop )180 Shipped. Still on Battery. SOLD! Edit: sold Also have 2 1 CPS2 A board with green buttons (Can be used for Euro/Japan/USA). The PCB's themselves are pretty damn clean, the cases are OK. Normal scuffs, but one of...
  14. Anselmo

    FS: Simpsons PCB

    Very Clean 100% working PCB. High Resolution pictures available and incoming. All original 4P roms. $425 shipped to the USA SOLD
  15. Anselmo

    Positive Feedback for Derick2k

    Was able to do some business with @Derick2k during his recent clean out and just wanted to give him a shout out for being in constant communication with me through the transaction and his very fair pricing. He's a highly regarded member of this forum and I knew my transaction should go well and...
  16. Anselmo

    FS: CPS2 A boards

    USA/Japan region. New Silent fan and new buttons. (Can choose from blue or green buttons). Clean PCB. Pictures to any interested peeps. Asking $135 shipped to the usa. Also have for $120 shipped, has original (super loud) fan and brand new buttons. Edit: These are both SOLD
  17. Anselmo

    Object Ram Bad

    Tried to revive this B board with an infinikey and it failed. Used the suicide test rom and got this error. Is there actual Ram on the B board I need to look at or could this be something else? Isolated the issue to the B board.
  18. Anselmo

    CPS1 WW (MINT) + CPS2 Hyper SF2

    got a couple boards for sale. 1) CPS1 world warrior on a super minty 10mhz short board. Can swap out to a 12mhz crystal upon request if you want to use it for the upcoming cps1 multi. This is an accelerated WW rom that is sped up and has air fireballs. Like an early rainbow style. $170 shipped...
  19. Anselmo

    CPS2 A board Resistor Array

    I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction as to which specific resistor array package to buy to replace these badly rusted ones on this A board. I've seen people call them resistor network SIP, or Resistor Arrays, and other technical stuff I'm not familiar with. I'd like to try to...
  20. Anselmo

    FS: CPS1 Boards ( SF2 HF)

    Have a really nice condition CPS1 HF with the original HF holograpghic roms and Dash A Board. $260 shipped. $250 (Cover PP fees or FF) SOLD Also have a CPS1 SF2 with Rainbow Edition Roms. This one has the short A board but it's not a DASH board. $210 shipped. I can convert this to a champ...