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  1. BlinG

    Did I just Kill my B board - Darksoft CPS2 Ver2

    yes, those sprite issues is most defintely a connection issue with either the darksoft kit or the A and B board not mating well. Reseat the darksoft kit or give it a little snug to make sure all connections are making good contact. I had that exact sprite issue with my kit and it was because one...
  2. BlinG

    Did I just Kill my B board - Darksoft CPS2 Ver2

    I don't believe you can leave the battery in place for Darksoft installation. You need to remove it, then short EXC5
  3. BlinG

    Chun Li Marquee Graphic (Street Fighter III: Third Strike) for Blast City/Net City/NAOMI

    it's a repro made by Spectre at the Arcade Otaku forums.
  4. BlinG

    CPS1 - CPS2 - CPS3 Label Stickers Colored Version

    Hursit closed his store until Mini Cute is done. You might have wait a little longer :(
  5. BlinG

    Nanao MS8-29FSG sparks when plugged on & screen doesn't show any game images.

    Sometimes you gotta learn the hard way and become a sad panda when the monitor breaks.
  6. BlinG

    New Net City woodplate

    Are you in the US? Edit: never mind i just saw your profile says CH. Didn’t see that while on my phone. I have a wood plate for a NNC but I don’t think shipping outside the US for something so cheap is worth it.
  7. BlinG

    SOLD: Sega New Versus City Harness

    I believe that's for a Sega Versus City, not a Blast.
  8. BlinG

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    can't wait!
  9. BlinG

    New net city CRT cover NOA-1200 : help and advise

    I bought 4 inch Pioneer car audio speakers for my NNC when I had it. No shields whatsoever. It did not distort the monitor at all.
  10. BlinG

    What do you guys think? Ebay CPS-3 board

    For $800? No. You can get a working one with the drive for about the same price.
  11. BlinG

    Sega Blast City 400-5459-01 Power Supply

    I pulled the fan and used a noctua 12v fan. Connected it to the unused 2pin JST connector on the power supply and it's much quieter. I don't plan on running this thing all day everyday so I think it'll be sufficient enough. I will say that the original fan in this power supply is built to last...
  12. BlinG

    Blast City Control Panel Joystick Adapters

    Yeah you might be overthinking it. The stock mounting plate for sanwa JLFs will fit your replacement panel just fine. Some seimitsu sticks like the LS32 might not fit due to the stock mounting plate, but you can buy replacement plates that'll work with the panel mount.
  13. BlinG

    Sega Blast City 400-5459-01 Power Supply

    I recently acquired another Blast City, however this one has a power supply that I am not familiar with at all. Looks like it was meant to power a Lindbergh? The exhaust fan is a 120mm...
  14. BlinG

    Repro CPS2 Labels sellers? hursit makes really nice colored labels. I actually prefer them over the originals.
  15. BlinG

    Nanao MS9 Horizontal Size not Filling Screen

    I wasn't positive where to probe to measure the B+. It looks like it has never been adjusted though as there is still glue on the adjustment pot.
  16. BlinG

    Nanao MS9 Horizontal Size not Filling Screen

    So I was helping my brother swap an MS8 for an MS9 chassis on his Astro City. Was getting everything dialed in and the picture looks great, but I am having issues with the horizontal size not filling the screen. The pot on the remote board is turned all the way up and its about 80% filled. So...
  17. BlinG

    Blast City Cleanup/Restore - Stringbean

    If you plan on living the arcade life, I highly suggest investing in soldering equipment. It's a skill that is necessary in this hobby and it's quite relaxing soldering components imo.
  18. BlinG

    Nanao MS-2932 Horizontal issue

    Is that Naomi set to 15khz? My understanding is the 2932 only does 31khz
  19. BlinG

    CPS III Bios and CD Releases

    tbh i forgot I even posted in that thread. There's talks that it could be possible, but I was looking for instructions on how to inject the patches into the darksoft image