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  1. streetfighterken

    Does Virtua Tennis 3 support 4 players?

    Anyone know?
  2. streetfighterken

    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    Correct (I think). I also noticed two identical save folders in the save partition. One folder is in the root and the other is in [game name]. The autoboot toggle cycles thru TWO paths to the game. One with a backslash in front of the game name, and one without. But you only see the second path...
  3. streetfighterken

    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    I’ve discovered the issue is autoboot + patches ON. The settings are always default when autobooting. But manually launching the game from menu loads the correct saved settings.
  4. streetfighterken

    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    KOFXIII Climax not saving settings. Help.
  5. streetfighterken

    WTB: Sega I/O (jamma edge)

    WTB: Sega I/O (jamma edge)
  6. streetfighterken

    GS Containers: New listings, Vewlix DIA, PRas 3, Rhythm, etc.

    Wonder when the price cops will stop with the "I can find candies for $800 all day long" and "I paid $500 for mine. Just gotta keep an eye out." This is turning into a seller's market fast.
  7. streetfighterken

    Super Megalo 2 and Naomi Stuff

    pm'd i'll buy it
  8. streetfighterken

    K C Game sale

    KC, you should hire an assistant who is a native English speaker to help you. I bet you will sell more, with less issues.
  9. streetfighterken

    Compatible hard drive options?

    Ended up buying the same model WD400BB for $14 on ebay. Problem solved.
  10. streetfighterken

    Compatible hard drive options?

    My Rambo is starting to freeze on the exact same spot in the attract movie so I'm thinking the HDD is bad. Do I need to find an identical drive on ebay? Or are there other options/criteria? Not interested in SSD. I do have the original DVD and have already researched compatible usb dvd drives...
  11. streetfighterken

    GS Containers: New listings, Vewlix DIA, PRas 3, Rhythm, etc.

    That's the thing. Manufacturer support seems like a requirement for something like that. I buy new pinball machines and sometimes it's even hard for the manufacturer themselves to know what some problems are...
  12. streetfighterken

    Need pot value for Nanao MS8-29 BIAS VR102

    This is the second chassis that this pot has literally just fallen apart of its own volition.
  13. streetfighterken

    GS Containers: New listings, Vewlix DIA, PRas 3, Rhythm, etc.

    How big? I've contracted a tractor trailer with lift gate for $3500. The whole thing, not sharing. Around the same distance.
  14. streetfighterken

    Are Lindbergh motherboards interchangeable?

    Update. Used a Yellow MB (and cpu) with all of the Red guts from Rambo and it is working. Some slowdown during intense action but not sure if that's just normal for the game.
  15. streetfighterken

    Sengoku Blade / Tengai missing capacitor

    That's a rough looking board. In this case, looks like the caps are for the sound circuit. C18: 2200u 16v C7: 100u 16v By the way, my board has a high pitched squeal that I'd like fixed if anyone knows. I've already changed caps. I've heard amp could be it.
  16. streetfighterken

    WTB: PC-based Konami USB dongles

    LOL. Reminds me of Apple vs. Microsoft. Jobs got all hot and bothered from Gates stealing Mac OS, but conveniently forgets he stole it from Xerox.
  17. streetfighterken

    64 & 128Mb CPS3 Repro SIMMS!!

    ^ The Legend. Hook this man up!
  18. streetfighterken

    Sega Megalo 410

    You sure? It will be shallower without the case. Besides, you can fab something to make it work.
  19. streetfighterken

    Sega Megalo 410

    Looks like there's a metal chassis running along the perimeter on the inside. Is the body metal or plastic? If metal, the body is an option as well. I just have a jury-rigging mindset :)